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  1. Hi all It probably is obvious to everyone here but: I`m looking into buying CSL elite ps4 wheel after my Thrustmaster t300rs started spinning endlessly when plugged in. I looked at the list of wheels supported in dirt rally 2.0 A lot of Fanatec wheels have (AO) next to their names. Can someone tell me what it means? Thanks!
  2. orzeszek1983

    Csl elite ps4 issue

    Hi all. I just unpacked my new Fanatec csl elite wheel. I tested it with gt sport and works like a charm. However when I start dirt rally 2.0, wheel degree of rotation changes to like 90 degrees. With. Those 90 degrees wheel is very loose like in a deadzone. Outside if I push through resistance it's very stiff. When trying to drive or to calibrate car wheels are reaching max rotation only after 45 degrees to each side. Any ideas? Regards Kamil
  3. orzeszek1983

    Current lap time in hot lap?

    Hi everyone. First of all let me tell you: I enjoy this game a lot! Question: when you do hot laps, after theap you get the screen saying: slower lap than "your best lap time". But it doesn't show you what time you actually made. Am I missing something here? Regards Kamil
  4. orzeszek1983

    Current lap time in hot lap?

    Thank you for your feedback. And yes you understood me correctly. I know its a hot lap. But it would be good to see comparison to your best lap just saying ;)
  5. orzeszek1983

    Current lap time in hot lap?

    Hi there Thanks for the answer. I will check it this evening. I was under the impression that when I do a hot lap in the carreer mode: 1. If the time was slower than my previous hot lap I get first a screen saying only that my lap was slower than my fastest lap. - no actual time - only my fastest of all. 2. leaderboard screen after the one I just described above shows again my fastest hot lap not the "current" or latest" I just did. This kind of makes sense since my overall fastest lap is the ne that gives me grid position in the race. my issue is that I have no idea how far I was behind my fastest lap if it`s slower then the fastest which is extremaly useflu information if you are trying to find a better racing line for instance and you are experimentintig. In my opinion te initial screen after the hot lap should show you your best time which is used for your position on the grid and the time you actually made on the lap you just did (if they are different from eachother). Currently information on that initial screen is a little bit pointless in my opinion. It can`t be that hard to display: Your hot lap best time is: 1 min 50 sec which gives you 9th position on the grid Your current lap time was slower at 1 min 52 sec If I missed something apologies for initiating this thread in the first place! Regards Kamil
  6. I'm on ps4 here. Can't connect to effing race net. Can't play even custom free play championship in single player because nothing gets saved. Are devs that thick they don't learn from other games failures? Linking single player activities to online is dumb beyond any reason. Ffffffffffffffffff