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  1. PC Specs: Gpu: MSI Nvidia GTX 460 1GBCPU: i5 3470 @ 3.20 GHZMobo: Asrock Z77 Pro3Ram: Kingston 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL9 DIMM I tried everything, i looked on all posible forums with similar issue, even for different games but same issue, nothing has worked for me, after short time when Rain starts in race, the screen eventually freezes 1 second then goes Black Screen and sound still works, the game still works, untill i bring up the Pause Menu, that makes the game crash in desktop and automatically Launches game again. Its the only game i have this issue, never happened on other games wich are even heavier on requirements than F1
  2. EmilPraga88

    F1 2013 crashes to the desktop

    http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/134/rain-causing-black-screen-with-sound#latest read the last post on that topic, might help you out aswell
  3. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    another fix that some might wanna try is to go in C:\Users\******(your username)\Documents\My Games\FormulaOne2013\hardwaresettings and open with Notepad hardware_settings_config, then folow the 1st line untill you find <directx forcedx10="false" /> , what you must do is to change false to true, that way you force the game running on DX10 instead of DX11. For some reason my GPU gets bugged with this game and ONLY with this game, its like it struggles to run it properly in DX11 but fails at some point, so turning it to DX10 sorts my Black Screen for good. Hope this helps!!!
  4. EmilPraga88

    F1 2013 Co-op Career

    yeah m doing in present a Co Op, its fine if you pay attention, but yeah the AI is much much more agressive than Carrer SinglePlayer and does really reckless things
  5. EmilPraga88

    PC Issue

    u might wanna try use a program called UNPARK CPU, basicly your cores are Parked by Windows Default, this program with 1 click Unparks all cores, usually it gives an improvement to your games
  6. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    My guess is also that this has something to do with F1 2013...and it won't be solved... Yeah, obviously, little details damage the game sometimes
  7. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    well as i said, using Medium Graphic only for reflections fixed the issue, i doubt its a Hardware problem, because 3 months ago i had older PC Build, totally different, but same issues.  Then i changed to the SPECS i have now, the only thing i havent changed is the GPU, but i doubt GPU has any issue at all, i Stress tested it in different programs wich gave my GPU an 90 Celsius degrees and didnt crashed or didnt had any Error at all.In F1 it stays between 58-60 degrees. Formula 1 is not such a hard game in requirements, its works easily on older rigs aswell. For example why in Battlefied 4 i have no issues to run it on HIGH, but Formula 1 gives this black screen during rain randomly, sometimes early in the race, sometimes later.
  8. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    anyway i sorted it out, seems if you put Reflections on Medium from the game, it sorts it out. Dunno exactly how this is a FIX, but it doesnt bother me as long as it works
  9. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    i posted my Specs, is ASROCK
  10. LOL, they deleted my posts, except the one where i helped Joshter. One of the Reply that was deleted is in Joshter Quote
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    Game breaking bugs that are not fixed

    usually happens on PC's
  12. EmilPraga88

    Game breaking bugs that are not fixed

    yeah gravel sound is always happening to me, also to everyone i know from the leagues i race, also sometimes when u leave the Pits, your engine sound is covered by the Pit lane sounds even during the whole track, untill you pit again or restart
  13. EmilPraga88

    Rain causing Black Screen with Sound!!!

    updated drivers, downgraded drivers, reinstalled Windows, nothing works. Also i always had this issue with Pixelated Rain Drops on Lens, watch ... http://postimg.org/image/altciylul/ http://postimg.org/image/4wd3ynfod/ http://postimg.org/image/mxw8wg9p9/ You can see best on White colour of Helmet how bad they look
  14. and Codies didnt think at this solution B-)
  15. Have you tested this? Will it restore my stats to the wins ages back or the most recent? E.g 2 days ago i had 200 wins, today 213, if i restore will i go back to 200 yeah i had this issue in 2012, it doesnt harm you if you try it anyway, hoping that your windows made a Restore point, plus its better to have 200 wins instead of Zero, so if it works like that, its better than nothing
  16. Do a System Restore on the day before this happened, you should have your files back