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  1. Decks

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Yeah looking at the way the wheel is moving there I'd be amazed if the FFB "destroys" DR2.0.
  2. Decks

    Wales Rally: Available Now

    Feels like less of a visual makeover than the other DLC tracks. A dream to play though. Really tough in the wet.
  3. Why do people seem so sure that we're getting more seasons, has something been said that I've missed?
  4. Decks

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Although it won't look anything like that on the consoles. And it'll be running at 30fps.
  5. Decks

    I'm bored on dirt rally 2.0

    It's extremely easy to slide on tarmac in DR2. Maybe you're just not very good at it.
  6. Decks

    DS 21 engine sound too loud?

    An engine can sound too loud?
  7. Decks

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  8. Decks

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    How's the S4 sounding?
  9. Decks

    FFB updates

    Yeah I'm happy with the FFB now. Could maybe do with a bit more tire slip and a bit more of a feel on Spain, but other than that it feels great.
  10. Big things for Dirt Rally you mean?
  11. Decks

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Better car paintings is all I'm hoping for.
  12. Decks

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Dirt Rally will not have PSVR support. There you go.
  13. Decks

    New rain effects

    Yeah this. I already absolutely love the game as it is but this would be the final thing to round it off for me. Oh and Greece and Finland. And the Celica GT-Four.
  14. Decks

    FFB things still to be fixed (Wheel)

    150 SAT feels too weak? I have mine at half that and it feels too strong at times. Do you lift brah?
  15. I would buy the **** out of that.