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  1. Spacepadrille

    My Team Questions.

    One thing that would be interesting is the ability of the team to make good base setup for each event. The more your team is developed, the better default setup you get. And showing the changes the team makes can be a rally car setup school.
  2. maybe they have to reload some graphics... it was so blurried, and now it's so artificially crispy 😆
  3. for me (ps4 T300) the soft lock works fine (I have the right degree of rotation for each car), but the wheel on screen doesn't match. So it's just visually broken.
  4. Spacepadrille

    Description of the FFB you would like to have.

    ok, let's try ; first of all I must say that before finding appropriate ffb settings, I was really disappointed by the DR2 ffb. Now I'm really more nuanced. For me all is great or ok except the missing immersive road texture vibration, the feeling of the road. It's there, but very very subtle. Maybe it's realistic (in a car we feel the road mainly by the pants), but it's not immersive when you play in a home that is obviously not moving or translating or rumbling. I would like a slider with this effect. I also would like a little vibration related to the engine rpm, like in real life. I'm very satisfied with the SAT and handling of the car. I exactly know when the car will rip, I can feel the downforces while braking etc.. Better than in DR1 imo. Also when I change any setting in the car, I can feel the change while driving, very clearly. I put here my PS4 pro / T300 settings fore those interested. SAT 45 - WF 2 - TF 41 - SUSP 100 - COLL 65 - Softlock ON 100 - wheel center force OFF
  5. So, what about re-opening this thread, put again our contributions, and see where it goes ?
  6. Thank you for your replies guys. @Rallystu2 : the impartial thread on FFB was a good idea. Maybe we can try again, and just delete the posts that doesn't respect the impartial rule, but keeping the constructive stuff people say ?
  7. I was following with interest the constructive thread called "36152-description-of-the-ffb-you-would-like-to-have ?" last days, and I can't find it now... Does someone knows what happens to this interesting topic ? Is it deleted ? Moved ?
  8. I was following with interest the constructive thread called "36152-description-of-the-ffb-you-would-like-to-have ?" last days, and I can't find it now... Does someone knows what happens to this interesting topic ? Is it deleted ? Moved ?
  9. Spacepadrille

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    @ChristinaMc : thanks for the information. Good to know you read us. Do you manage to put some default settings of the ffb according to the platform and wheel used ? imo this will allow the players to start with a well spotted ffb and to slighty tweak around it, instead of loosing they time to try a lot of combinations between the sliders. Actually the basic player (the one who knows nothing about ffb) starts with all sliders to 100, and the ffb is terrible like that. I'm not sure a lot of people have time and patience to search the sweet ffb spot during hours. They just play the game as you deliver it. So it will make sense to propose a base ffb setting for the 3 platforms and the few popular wheels. That's not a huge job, and it will permit to the majority to enjoy better this game.
  10. Spacepadrille

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I agree that there must be a lot of people struggling with a heavy wheel because of the default setting set way too high by CM. I also agree that with a lower SAT (40-50) the ffb becomes more subtle and more acceptable. I DO NOT AGREE that most people are stupid or not qualified to play this game because they haven't race in real life ! You are the stupid one saying that imo
  11. Spacepadrille

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    Of course, people are so stupid... They have a fantastic subtle ffb and they prefer to complain here instead of playing... Nope, the ffb is not complete, and people complaining about it are right
  12. Spacepadrille

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I run SAT 45... imo not too high. But it's possible the effect I have noticed was when I was struggling with ffb settings, with a higher SAT 🤔I check this tonight...
  13. Spacepadrille

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I'm not so sure, I noticed a difference in spain, where it's imo better to turn it off otherwise you have to fight against the wheel around the center. It was like that before the patch, I don't know now