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  1. I'll miss the heavy gravel of Greece in D4. But in the future, if you devs do a heavy gravel location similar to Greece, please do Sardegna!! The stages are narrow with tons of hazards off the track and quite technical. This onboard is insane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYRViA2femg&t=131s
  2. OMG, Please make Polo 2017 happen, if possible!
  3. Hey devs, just wanted to give my input that I LOVE the chase cam you set in Dirt Rally. I use it all the time. I play with a controller and chase cam, with all assists off (except the exterior camera option obviously). In first person, I cannot feel the weight of the car shifting or how it is losing  or catching grip because I can't feel any g force, and the fact that the view is fixed straight ahead, even when dirfting feels really unnatural. The chase cam works great to compensate all that. The camera moves in a way that accentuates how the car is behaving. I know its an odd thing to
  4. Bravo! Your competition still only manages 30 fps and still does not look as great as DR (and now hopefully D4 as well). Thank you and the Codemasters team for your technical wizardry.
  5. The main reason I was excited for the 2017 WRC cars, was to actually get my hands on them in a Dirt simulation game :( If you guys still can, please make it happen. If not, then I hope the game is great regardless and a massive success that makes a zillion dollars. After which WRC and FIA will come grovelling to you guys and beg you to use their licenses.  Ok now question: Is 60 fps the target on console? 
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