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  1. same hear, youtubers like AAVARA and that other lad who does videos in his moms car are codemasters fan boys 
  2. I did read it mate, I just don't see the point in posting a video what we have all seen before, you haven't added anything to the oringal video apart from adding the 3 videos together into one,  
  3. Won't make money from me, good old ad blocker, but the op isn't showing anything new and adding content to his video 
  4. same hear why do u need to post a video showing what we have seen already, i thought id watch it as as you might have spoke about your thoughts on the video, dislike from me 

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    fair point didnt no that, thought it went on percentage of sales,,  

    Why can't Codies listen to us

    so £40 for updated car models/drivers and two new tracks??? 

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    but they are not filling uncle b pockets with cash, sales are down, 

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    fuck the lot of them at codemasters 

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    its like ford saying we have the new 2014 model coming out in 2 months hears a few screen shots of it and hears a few crap videos to go with it, but we wont release any more info till the day its released......
  10. GTXNOS

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    skye thats not going to happen mate, im sick of asking the same wuestion, and why the hell do they change the camera every second,,, 
  11. GTXNOS

    fed up of moaning

    It's simple codemasters have been very lazy with 2014 and the same goes for attitude towards trying to sell us the game, don't give them ur money to early this year lads, wait off buying until u see what ur money will buy 
  12. GTXNOS

    What is wrong with f1 2014

    Very true mate about the mods, 
  13. GTXNOS

    What is wrong with f1 2014

    its called filling the gap with a half assed lazy attemped to generate cash, once again us pc users gets the raw deal as if it wasnt for consoles all games be so much better, we had ps4 and xbox 1 hardware 4 years ago, pls dont buy f1 2014 on day one release as u will feel outdone   
  14. GTXNOS

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    ive never used a torrent for codemasters as i no what there game will be like  same as last years lol, torrents of pc is really like a demo as u cannot us it online and most games now online is the best part of the game, 
  15. GTXNOS

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    mmpaw37..... your so right mate, people say next gen will be better im sorry but next gen consoles are old gen for pc lads like meself, what ever game they make will be a copy and paste of the old games but with a few more POINTLESS modes, i think its about time codemasters accept they have done there best but now have lost the people who buy there games, no wonder theres so many people torrent games why the hell should some one buy a copy and paste game, invest there hard earned cash intoi when the devs dont give there 100% 
  16. GTXNOS

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    Codemasters biggest problem is Steve hood, he wants to make a game he wants to play not what the paying public wants, I hope f1 2014 gets record low sales and same for f1 2015 or what ever it will be called, I hate to say it I'd rather have EA Take over the licence at least they try and sell there games, fair point there will be dlc but if the game is good I don't mind paying 
  17. Someone on the dev team said first week of sept it will be on pre order on steam, looking around other online retailers I see it for sale for pc £30 so I will say be around £27/29 on steam with a 10% off and free 2013 if u preorder on steam like the other years 
  18. GTXNOS

    Who's Gonna Buy F1 2014

    ill keep saying it, if the devs don't put effort in im not putting my cash in, so they have around 2 months to tell me whats new and why i should spend my hard earned cash on 2014, but i don't think that will happen so ill just keep playing other racing games till next year and see how much improvement has went into the next F1 game....... I BEG PEOPLE DONT PRE ORDER THIS GAME 
  19. GTXNOS

    Bit Dissapointed...

    sales will be low this year, if the devs dont put the effort in we dont, money speaks 
  20. GTXNOS

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Because qualifying today was in the wet. Geez man, quit trolling. Fail 
  21. we all understand that they have reached there limits on hardware, but i think most people are un happy as we have asked for cockpit view and normal race video,  
  22. 1:06 that grass texture. Wow sack the artist please  
  23. what are they scared about, 2 videos now what doesnt show us anything, no press build up. if they cannot be assed to promote the game why should we buy the game.... 
  24. wtf that is not a normal hot lap, codemasters you are starting to take the p..s