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  1. p.s they said before its in there contract they need to make a game every year, i do think if they didnt need to do that f1 2014 wouldnt be coming
  2. and the worst thing is they are going to ask around £30 on steam to pre order lol 

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    I'm just waiting on steam to release a price, any more than £25 they can stick it, 
  4. Guess what's funny, they don't give a hell what we want, it's what codemasters wants, and I'm sorry they don't have a clue look at the sales in the last 4 years, so enjoy next years game as it will be diffent but the following year will be copy and paste, 

    Pick a team....any team!!

    I think it's a smart idea from the devs, as I've been playing from the start so the way I look at it I've served me time and now I'm going to drive for a top team, 
  6. does this mean you could be including F1 2014 and F1 2015 in 1 game (I won't be surprised if you can't answer that yet because you want to release F1 2014 first) We'll have a lot more info on next-gen F1 after F1 2014 launches. ;) Well I'm guessing this means that's likely then. I'm really interested to see what the new game will be like. The fact you aren't calling it F1 2015 (I'm guessing this is definite) is really interesting and yeah, I wonder what you're planning. Suspense! I personally like the suspense. I like the idea of not knowing much because it encourages you to buy the game so you can see for yourself. I would still get the game if they had told me all the new game features. People keep complaining about the lack of news but Codemasters have already stated they will release more info after the release of F1 2014 (October 17th). Most of the people that are complaing (assuming) are grown men. I'm 14. I don't give a monkeys if Codemasters tell me that the live the life menu is back or they have implemented formation and cool down laps with podium ceremonies. I want to buy the game and explore it for myself so I can enjoy the new features without sitting there waiting for the podium ceremony. I'm not assed about 2015, I want to no how much copy and paste is in 2014,, 

    F1 2014


    ABS ruining the immersion.

    Sorry but f1 games are arcade not simulation, so abs will always be there for players 

    Questions for Steve on F1 2014

  10. GTXNOS

    Boycott?yeah right!!

    ive just signed back in 2 day after 8 months off the forum, this new forum has more dumb people than the old one lol sold my ps3 lol GET OUT MY CAR 
  11. GTXNOS

    What new F1 titles are you going to buy?

    ill be buying both, good chance 2014 on pc will be around £20 for preorder so if i get 20 hours play time thats a £1 a hour, and you never no you might get discount if you bought f1 2014,  we all no they are only releasing 2014 as they need to release a game every year,  p.s im defo not a codemasters fan boy the way they have held back news is bad