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    well the price for f1 2014 for pc is £30 on steam, i feel that's expensive for a copy and paste game, never has the other f1 pc games been that price, money grabbing sods 

    Announcing F1 2015

    if it is delayed they have no excuse for the amount of bugs we have seen in the past, please get it right this time codemasters 

    Two things


    Announcing F1 2015

    i dont no why we are all going on like this, we should have learnt over the years that codemasters and PR + INFO doesnt go hand in hand. 

    Announcing F1 2015

    codemaster wont listen to us they never have and never will, i thought things may have changed when Steve hood left but it hasn't 
  6. no disrespect  softy94 but 1200 view is good but when you have more dislikes then likes by 50% you need to think about that, and recording your screen with a mobile in 2015 really...  only reason you have them 1200 views is from your title of your post in this forum  but good luck 

    Your Proudest F1 2014 Moment

    uninstalling the game was my best moment , all other f1 games i put so many hours into but 2014 i put 8 hours in it was a bag of rubbish, rushed half assed attempt at making money to fund f1 2015,  

    Announcing F1 2015

    2 months to go and all we have seen is a few screenshots and a few lines of text which doesn't mean nothing to me now when it comes to codemansters PR,  crack on codemasters we want to see f1 2015 gameplay so we can all get on the hype train 

    Announcing F1 2015

    i have stop believing anything what codemasters says now, from the rip off of a game last year to the half assed attempt to hype this game, ill not be buying f1 2015 on day one ill play the demo then ill buy if i enjoy 
  10. GTXNOS

    Announcing F1 2015

    i don't think they would make a game without some kind of offline career mode they are not that stupid, the old career mode was getting boring and didn't make you feel a part of the f1 game and we have been asking for a change for the last few years,, so im going to sit and wait for more details before jumping on the band wagon and saying im not buying, but please lads and lasses dont pre order the game wait for full release reviews  
  11. GTXNOS

    PC requirements

    when a game is a console port your microwave should be able to max the game out 
  12. theres a difference between your videos and others, YOURS SUCK  
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    F1 2014 @ GameDigital

  14. GTXNOS

    Sochi 'Hot Lap' with Torro Rosso!!!

    and they want £30 for f1 2014 on pc, they must be having a laugh 
  15. 1 get rid of steve hood  2 same as number 1 3 same as number 1 and 2 
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    just a shame they included f1 race stars last yeas aswell, 
  17. good mods can make the game fun, i rather try and play a game on toaster than a console, consoles are for poor people 
  18. as theres 127.000.000 kids who live there untapped market,,,,  
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    well said warlord
  20. tip number one,,,,, spam forums, and brown nose codemasters games. 
  21. us pc gamers will still get the raw deal, a port of crap box 1 and piss station 4