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  1. i have been a part of PCARS testing team for the last 3 years bought into the testing of the game when you could and i have to say wow them  devs over a PCARS  do listen to what we want and they will change stuff around on a game if we  the (PAYING) public doesn't like it. 
    Could i honestly see codemaster doing that, not in a month of Sundays, 

  2. 2 months to go and all we have seen is a few screenshots and a few lines of text which doesn't mean nothing to me now when it comes to codemansters PR, 
    crack on codemasters we want to see f1 2015 gameplay so we can all get on the hype train 

  3. i have stop believing anything what codemasters says now, from the rip off of a game last year to the half assed attempt to hype this game, ill not be buying f1 2015 on day one ill play the demo then ill buy if i enjoy 

  4. i don't think they would make a game without some kind of offline career mode they are not that stupid, the old career mode was getting boring and didn't make you feel a part of the f1 game and we have been asking for a change for the last few years,,
    so im going to sit and wait for more details before jumping on the band wagon and saying im not buying,
    but please lads and lasses dont pre order the game wait for full release reviews  

  5. Its a shame that this upcoming game isn't coming for next-gen. Ive heard rumours though that F1 2015 (which will be a next-gen release) has already been in production with Codemasters building a new engine or something for the game, so I hope people do pick up the first next-gen release as a long time fan of both F1 and the series that Codemasters have made. After the release of F1 2015 it will be intresting to see what happens to sales afterwards and whether Codemasters will more or less of the bugs sorted and fixes needed introducing made.
    us pc gamers will still get the raw deal, a port of crap box 1 and piss station 4