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  1. nicko39

    Boycott?yeah right!!

    No they haven't, if you have had a yearly dose of F1 gaming then you must of had a platform which would have been capable of running 2014, i.e ps3, xbox 360, or pc. F1 2014 is coming out on those platforms Codemasters didn't steal your console, nor did they force you to sell it, you cut yourself off from your yearly dose of F1 gaming Excuse me? I asked Steve several times if I should keep my PS3 for F1 2014. Got no reply. So don't blame me. I would have kept it if Steve would have answered, so yes it's their fault.  Stop blaming users for the mistakes of codemasters! that's some seriously stupid logic right there
  2. nicko39

    What new F1 titles are you going to buy?

    i will buy both. the only difference this time is i will be buying them on PC as i have a G27 now