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  1. I have the same problem... In my first career season I had 13 wet races out of 19, I really think are too much. Thanks for that! ;) But I have a question... ¿How did you change the rain chance for each track?
  2. I mean in career mode, There's no option to disable the dynamic weather in the game settings...
  3. Absolutely. To be honest, there are so much wet races for my taste. Or maybe I'm only a very unlucky guy and I have rain in 12 races out of 19 xD
  4. Hi to all!! I just want to ask if there's any way to decrease the chance of rain in every race, like edit the settings on the database or something else... Just to have more dry races ;) Thanks in advance!!
  5. @FMassa93, how did you change the team tiers on database??
  6. How I can change the tyres for the last races?? EDIT: Don't worry, is done! thanks again ;)
  7. Many thanks for the replies guys!! @FMassa93 I will download and try that ;)
  8. Hi to all!! Is possible in any way to edit the game settings or something else to increase the Safety Car appearance and to decrease the chance of rain in every race?? Thanks in advance! ;)
  9. Obviously, F1 2015 will be the first next-gen game on new engine. If you want to play, you have to buy... ;)
  10. I have reduced the volume of all the other sounds to 40-50% keeping the team radio in 100%, and it's still really low. Thanks! ;)
  11. I just started to play F1 2014 on PC, and in career mode the volume of your engineer in team radio is really low, the noise of the engine and other fx doesn't let you hear him... Is a bit annoying. But I'm surprised to see the nice work of CM in this new game! ;) Waiting for a patch or it can be fixed??
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