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  1. Well we can only hope, I guess. Maybe if the same bugs happen they'll just close the forums and pretend like they never existed, again.
  2. Did both these issues get patched for the PC? Regarding the FPS issue = It was improved, but not fixed. Regarding the "All Equal" issue = It was fixed in one patch, then re-introduced into another patch (how on earth someone could forget to roll up previous patches into a new one is beyond me). Was fixed later on. This was several months into the game though. I don't think the multiplayer community recovered and online was reduced to mario kart style gameplay because people just couldn't be bothered.
  3. I understand your comment but the point is the F1 Gaming Community were very active and provided  a LOT of feedback to CM to apply patches. I remember from one thread someone mentioned that the "All Equal" mode was broken. CM initially denied it. Then a massive influx of posters responded with videos, times, evidence until CM were forced to acknowledge it. And what was our reward? Removing all the evidence. Removing all our hard work without acknowledgement. Conveniently removing the primary method in which people complained and raised bugs for month after month, hoping people would just
  4. Having seen the news feed about the upcoming F1 game it reminded me of the glaring and awful issues that existed in 2013. Some of which included: - Save game bug re-emerged - "All Equal" mode online didn't make the cars equal - More FPS = faster lap times And so on. The F1 community, as endearing as we are (chuckle), we took time, patience and a lot of effort to bring these issues to CM's attention. Some of which were originally dismissed, then irrefutable evidence suggested otherwise which forced CM's hand. Some of the issues were fixed with a patch, and then re-introduced in a later pat
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