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  1. ERS is actually a replacement for KERS. DRS will still be there. :) I agree. The fuel saving by lifting better be good. But it'd be lovely if you exceed the 100 kg/h fuel flow limit (in desperation to get a good result) and get disqualified at the end of race. Adds so much to the fun factor! Plus, I'm really in the favour of pit-lane starts. They don't exist in any F1 game so far. Its like I took pole position at Hungary and crashed in the next corner and totally wrecked my car. But for the race, it would still allow me to start from P1. They need to fix that. If you have a terminal crash in q
  2. While I agree with most of the stuff you guys have added here. Great lists!I just wanted to add one more thing. I haven't seen many people talk about it. I think adding pit-lane starts would be amazing. For example, if you crashed out in qualifying and there's heavy damage to your car. You'll have to start from the pit-lane. In the recent games, if you crash after taking pole position. You'll still start in pole position. That's a bit unrealistic.I think pit-lane starts would be a great challenge! :smiley:  Plus, a race restart behind the safety car after a red flag would be great too.
  3. I don't know if anyone has mentioned or asked for this before. I want pit-lane starts. That'd be really cool. Like, if you crash out in qualifying or there's an issue with your car. Your team (basically you) will have the option to start the race from the pit-lane. What do you guys think?
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