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  1. sorted mine too - my case was shutting the game down and restarting - sorry took a while to reply
  2. I edited the last post and removed it, thanks for the heads up No it still won't work in standard or casual However, if I am in Elite mode and in Solo or multiplayer e.g time trial, online race etc manual works properly In career mode, it reverts back to full auto so cant get manual to work properly in career mode
  3. Posting here as I may have put this in the wrong forum. The game stays in Auto after disabling all assists and setting the game to manual. I am using a Simicube 2 wheel, PSE GT1 Wheel and HE Sprint pedals, all devices are recognised and work with the game. Shifter paddels are also binded correctly The game still Autoshifts in the background is this supposed to happen? I thought in manual the user controls all shifts (albeit blowing the gear box if not done properly) but I cant even do that. I have reinstalled the game and disabled all assists am I missing something? This ha
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