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  1. Ariche2

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    Sorry, I didn't know swearing was prohibited. Won't happen again. Also don't think I'm specifically raging at devs, you guys just do what you were told to. You guys probably had nothing to do with the writing of that Steam page. 
  2. Ariche2

    Colin McRae Rally on Steam

    The Steam page on this is just a crap tonne of lies and bull. First off, it says it's based off Colin McRae Rally 2.0. No, it's based off of a mobile game. Secondly, if it's based off Colin McRae Rally 2.0, surely it should have all the cars from the game? Nope, it has less. Thirdly, the last paragraph in this picture is just  all  f*** bull. "With the critically acclaimed Colin McRae Rally handling" What f**** handling?! The car is glued to the road! "damage and physics model" The damage is just stages of how broken the car is, for example you can hit a sign in front of you and your back god damn window will break. Also, the car still runs perfectly no matter how fucked up it is. And as for the physics? Jesus christ.. And NOWHERE on it does it say it's a f**** mobile port. Nowhere.