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  1. I thought Kane looked tired personally. He seemed to lack energy all match. The writing was on the wall early in the second half. England were not really under any pressure in the first half but couldn't carry out the main, basic rule of football in the second half. KEEP THE BALL! Too many times they either ran into a Croatian player or passed it straight to them. It was repetitive and obvious what was going to end up happening.  It was hard to be pissed off at them for losing though. They brought the passion out in the fans and made us believe again. I haven't seen that since Euro 96.&
  2. Belgiums B team are better than most of the first teams taking part in the tournament. You can't really read anything into the performance last night. The media's 'easy route to the final' campaign is just bullshit. None of those teams left are going to be easy to beat. Croatia v Brazil final looking quite likely to me.
  3. Had a Chevy Spark as a courtesy car once. My god, I couldn't wait to take it back!
  4. He did say on paper they are a good team, not they are a good team. The wickets the bowlers have taken and the runs the batsman have scored in their careers don't reflect their current ability in my opinion. Cook is England's highest test runs in history but in reality has done nothing for a few years now. Jimmy A is Englands highest wicket taker in test history but it's taken him near 15 years to get there and a hell of a lot more matches than those aound him to get there. Broad is also one of England's highest wicket takers in test history but in reality is too inconsistent to really
  5. Only had to watch the Windies series in the summer to know this was on the horizon. They may have won that series but it was not in the slightest bit convincing.
  6. Been many teams of a similar size in League 1 recently. Leeds, Southampton, Leicester and Blackburn to name a few. Hell, even City were there not too long ago!  Problem is, if the club is being run poorly, anything can actually happen. It may well be that Coleman works miracles there but with the amount of managers that have come and gone recently, there has to be a deeper lying problem somewhere.
  7. I was quite happy with our draw yesterday, I was fearing double drop! I don't see Sundreland suffering a double relegation your teams not that bad. I can tbh. Easily. Going to put money on it too, the way Sunderland is being managed. We aren't going down again. Our squad is by no means relegation bad and Grayson knows what he is doing. Short is looking to sell, he's not going to let us go down again and lose more money. How do you feel about your chances now? First team in Football League history to now go 20 home games without a victory. That IS relegation form. As for Coleman
  8. There's ten teams there so it's hard to know who you're talking about but I'll assume this is another stab at Arsenal and Wenger.  Not sure how he's over rated though as there aren't many people who rate him whatsoever anymore. He should have called it a day years ago and saved his reputation. 
  9. In my last race, Stroll wiped himself out after trying to force his way through me. I overtook him at the last corner on the pit entry side but obviously he wanted a change of tyres. Bloody youth of today
  10. The safety car is a complete mess. Managed to get 6th in a Sauber at Monza because a lot of the AI had to serve penalties for what you were screwed for, illegal blocking and overtaking under the safety car. The rain also helped i suppose... There were moments Jeff kept telling me i had permission to overtake the car in front but the OSD was telling me to stay behind them!  I've also had races where the AI decide to drive into the back of the safety car and end their race. Maybe they were just putting themselves out of their own misery.
  11. With the standard f1 2013 you had access to the 80's classic content. The classic edition had cars, drivers and tracks from the 90s. 
  12. Oxford dictionary: Bottler - a person with little mental strength or resilience. That's the definition.  Wenger has both of those traits regardless of whether it's money driven or not. The problems with the team are mainly through his other character flaws such as his stubbornness and arrogance. Well, that and the fact the players themselves are bottlers. 
  13. You can accuse Wenger of many things but a bottler is not one of them. I mean, he's willing to sign a new contract and go through another year of discontented fans and failure.   Arsenal have finally become Liverpool.
  14. Shocked at what I saw watching it live. Good to see both drivers moving in their cockpits at the time but damn it was such a horrible impact. Best wishes to the pair of them.
  15. I'd go for the one that may give us exciting races again. I don't know which one that may be but I really miss the slightly unpredictable ways that F1 of the past was.  It's just really shit now.
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