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  1. KingHamilton01

    F1 2015 Information Thread

    Can anyone tell me if a co-op season mode has been confirmed or at least split-screen to race friends?
  2. KingHamilton01

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    No they will introduce a subscription service. Source.....?
  3. KingHamilton01

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    Think this is a must for 2015 I knew I had forgotten to right something down in my previous comment. Either A helmet editor section which will make it a very personal experience for you when playing the game or a large selection of community designed helmet's which are selected and imported into the game in the monthly updates to keep it fresh!
  4. KingHamilton01

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    I am curious to know what the interface of F1 2015 will entale, think this is very important to the game, seem's as if though they have already taken a leaf out of Fifa with the in season updates which is good. I hope we will see the return of rival's mode where you can race your team-mate or another driver from another team with a friend on split-screen and online. The other mode I missed from I think it is f1 2010 where you had the hot lap shoot-out where you take it in turn's to set fast lap's and slowest one round get's eliminated. I am sure Codemaster's have lot's of fresh new and innovative idea's which I am looking forward to seeing.
  5. KingHamilton01

    Confused with CodeMasters thinking on F1 2014/15?

    This is only logical as can't make a next gen game if restricted to launching it on old gen consoles aswell!