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  1. Here is prove you guys state that the t500 is supported it is a bit false advertising😡
  2. After reading your update 2.0 that more wheel support is available and that the t500rs steering will work on ps5 i finaly bought the game with high hope that my t500rs will work on dirt 5 on my ps5 but after downloading the game and i setup my steering rig i was realy disipointed it doesnt work and not suported 😠i realy dont play racing games with a remote i only use my steering even if it is a arcade racer so why state on the net that the t500rs is supported if not🧐🤥
  3. Kjcpro

    Racenet error

    Yes same error code what a waste of 80gig download what you guys thought of codemasters they never fix there problems thats why i stopped to buy any of there titles