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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Luis, and I live in southern Chile. :)
  2. Not sure yet. What I'm sure of is I won't buy F1 2014 right off the bat. I'll wait and see what are the comments are for F1 2014 and then I will decide. 
  3. I use two wheels. My main one is the Logitech G27. Great wheel, a bit lacking on FF, but overall great. I travel a lot, so sometimes I wished for a more portable thing to use on my laptop. So I bought a SRW-S1 about a week ago. I was a bit skeptical at first, but you get to love it once you learn the ropes on it. Great little chubby racing wheel. LED support and everything, you can even configure all the buttons. Not having a mount for it is awkward though, and I haven't gotten around the sensitivity configuration just yet, so I prefer the Logitech G27. 
  4. Very helpful, Ben. Thank you for the video!
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