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  1. This has been bugging me and my friends for ages so i'll try and ask the question on their behalf. We usually set up a rally or a single stage in custom to replicate and practice an upcoming club event. But when we drive the club event it feels completely different and we can't put in the times we were doing in practice. It's almost as if the FFB has changed/weakened somehow. Personally, I had always put it down to the degradation but I am not sure anymore. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. EvilCee

    Something is coming closer...

    I could be wrong of course, just as you could be
  3. EvilCee

    Something is coming closer...

    "Please qualify this statement ‘It seems pretty obvious’. To the rest of us the colour scheme and engine note of the Something is coming... video do not point towards Word RX" I think the words "to me" qualifies it completely. It is MY opinion.
  4. EvilCee

    Something is coming closer...

    I really don't understand all this wild speculation. It seems pretty obvious to me that it will be the official 2020 FIA WRX calendar. Therefore nothing to get over excited about for those wanting more rally locations.
  5. EvilCee

    Offline Multi Player

    Autopeli, in case you haven't seen his post, use this workaround from A-M-A-R-85 Hot Seat Multiplayer Workaround: Create a championship and save it. Reload it, then after you finish the first stage, quit. Load the same event and let the 2nd person start their championship. After they finish the first stage, quit. Now you will have 2 suspended championships in the RESUME section. Then just take turns to do the stages in your own championships, always loading them from the resume list. This means you each have your own car damage carried over and your own times saved. After the last stage just look at your overall times to determine who won between you and your friend. Unfortunately a) the file name doesn't show in the resume list. b) you both have to drive under the same name. c) the AI driver names will be different.
  6. Also much needed is an extra column showing the file name in the Resume Championship section.
  7. I just found this thread after searching and I agree it is a good workaround but....... Can we please have this hot seat option added to the game? The menu even implies it might be possible where it says 'Players: 1/8 Offline'
  8. Codies, Offline Multi Player Is it possible to add this 'hot seat' option to custom championship in the current game? Desperately wanted this since launch.
  9. EvilCee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    ......and please tone down the mist/fog at Finland and add some to Wales.
  10. EvilCee

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    The speeds are most definitely exagerated, always have been in Codies games. It's obviously done for the thrill but it does make it feel a little arcadey. The real problem is that there is simply not enough damage to discourage driving like an idiot. The huge jumps in Finland would totally destroy the suspension if taken at the speeds the game allows. Hardcore Damage needs to be much more severe. Also the tyre wear needs to be increased dramatically. Otherwise it's a fantastic game.
  11. EvilCee

    Creating custom championships

    Whilst we're on the subject. The game frequently crashes in Custom Championship on PS4 when loading the next rally.
  12. EvilCee

    Creating custom championships

    Please make the hot seat a priority. Desparately want this.
  13. EvilCee

    Creating custom championships

    It needs an option to auto-fill the slots. I asked for this months ago and it was ignored.
  14. EvilCee

    Livery Packs

    OK, make them free then. I just want more liveries
  15. EvilCee

    Livery Packs

    Please make the Livery Packs available for purchase. I do understand that these were an incentive/bonus for the people who purchased Season Passes but what about the rest of us? I personally have purchased every DLC individually and will continue to do so as it's easier on the wallet in the short term.