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  1. 4 new achievements have been added, they are still hidden tho: https://steamcommunity.com/stats/690790/achievements/ My guess is these are Monte related, but 4 just for Monte seems like a lot, as not all 6 other rally locations have a dedicated achievement. Edit: apparently those have been added a week ago already.
  2. Yeah that's how it was in DiRT Rally (yeah I know there was no DLC, but during early access new locations were added regularly, and only playable in career championship once your current championship was finished)
  3. DiRT Rally 2.0 OST has been released on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-648320897/sets/dirt-rally-2
  4. So Long by Butterfly Stone https://open.spotify.com/album/4Hkb4cDnYwD1yKKvytkpTD
  5. Awesome, I played DiRT 2 from start to end with that car back in the day, hoping for the same liveries to be present as well.
  6. A new roadbook has arrived:http://blog.codemasters.com/community/10/dr20-co-drivercalls/
  7. *cough* DiRT ShowdownEdit: oh nvm you said rally games
  8. Yeah I'm having this issue on mobile, can't sign in at all. Also had some trouble on the desktop version occasionally. Same here, last two days i'm unable to login on Android.   I haven't been able to login in the Steam overlay for a few days.
  9. DiRT Facebook page just shared these wallpapers: https://imgur.com/a/OdF9I8G @ChristinaMc any chance for 4K versions of this? For DiRT Rally we got 2560×2560 wallpapers, which I'm still using on my phone. But this mobile wallpaper is just 700×1120 :(
  10. We just played some DiRT 4 Pro Tour on Steam, and enjoyed it a lot, I just think that it's really important that we will be able to use textchat in online lobbies again, like we used to be able to do in DiRT 2 & 3. Now I just sent everyone in the lobby on a friend request on Steam and when they accepted I was able  to add them to a group chat, but that's a lot of more work than it should have to be. I don't know if its possible to let the game automaticly create such a groupchat in Steam, but otherwise just implement text chat like it was in previous games. That way we can interact an
  11. While on the topic of knocking off waiting time, I've been playing more DiRT Rally again recently, and am trying to complete my achievements before DiRT 4 is released. Now I was wondering if some of you would be up for a couple of online rallycross races, to achieve the #HappyStreet achievement (play in a full lobby where everyone is your friend). I'm playing on Steam, you can find/add me using the links in my signature. Same as last time, but now for the DiRT 4 Pro Tour, anyone wanna get together and play some multiplayer Pro Tour? I've made a topic as to not distract the gossip thread:
  12. Exactly this. Any possible VR/support plans they might have had with D4 was probably quickly flushed as the community showed a growing dislike for that game although press reviews were pretty good. I can't blame them, D4 felt like a rushed project that in the end had a hard time pleasing the hardcore players as well a the ones that enjoys a more arcade/fun/party type Dirt 1/2/3 type of game. It sat there in the middle somewhere and didn't really know which leg to stand on. With DR2.0 they already have a support plan which shows they have backing from upstairs, with the option to further that
  13. because unlike Dirt rally it wasnt classed or isnt classed as one of the BEST VR GAMES ! its easy to kick or say shut up to VR people but if the previous game is so good at VR then it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand why people who like VR want it in Dirt rally. i stayed out of the whole VR debate but in reality i think it would be a mistake NOT to add it to Dirt Rally 2.0 . im guessing honestly it is just done to money and deadlines. what id be looking at is the sales pitch long term also the brand. if you make a great driving game thats up there people will buy for that or celebr
  14. Really? I only see some screenshots and a summary of the game on the website. No car information. The information is on this one, not dirtrally2.com: http://www.codemasters.com/game/dirt-rally-2-0/
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