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  1. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    No Bug is solved yet... LET CM NOT FORGET THE UNFIXED BUGS...or the new game have them too ;)
  2. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

  3. BoomBasterd

    Patch confirmation?

    the game is out since 3 weeks...and there are maaaaany bugs. i think CM will fix all in once IF a patch will come out... so there will be no patch before mid november, or CM surprised me but what have they done with the extra month in developing??? i would like to know that ^^
  4. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    added today 5.11.14 No grumbling engine sound like in real life http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/2531/audio-design-f1-2014
  5. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    The DRS thing is not a bug...it would be the same in real life because DRS will never ever open or close automatically ;)...you MUST brake or deactivate it manual. About the Tyre Temperatures i notice the same but i think its not a bug. Because it happens only on long straights where you have the airstream?!
  6. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    i added it have forgotten this issue ^^
  7. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    Thanks for the info hatta.Keep us informed about the progress and we are happy customers :)
  8. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    @Hatta any news about Patch or what CM is working on? We are now have 15 Bugs/Issues and 7-8 are gamebrakers.
  9. BoomBasterd

    Little bug - Mirror

    good to know...very interesting ^^...added to the bug thread
  10. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    added today 21.10.2014 False numbers in the Mirror (for example Kimi with Number 14 from Alonso) http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4337/little-bug-mirror
  11. BoomBasterd

    Pace times AI Legend vs Expert

    Most of These guyes Use t-Cam Mode.... Just try it, t- cam I mean, you will Do Legend Times too. I Bet they wouldn't Do These times If they Used real Cockpit view but stay with Cockpit view cos that's real Racing Anthything Else is Arcade... I dont think so. I drive the same times with t-cam and cockpit. In 2013 i was a little bit faster with cockpit but i prefered t-cam. Maybe he is driving with wheel? Then he should set traction control to medium...its nearly the same with gamepad without assists. And if he is driving career your times 1.5 sec slower than in gp mode.
  12. BoomBasterd

    Weather glitch PS3

    added to the bug thread... happens in 2013 too
  13. BoomBasterd

    The BUG Thread

    added today 20.10.14 Weather Glitch still there (for example wet in Q1, completely dry in Q2) http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/4299/weather-glitch-ps3
  14. BoomBasterd

    R & D

    they should remove the R&D part...or the AI is also affected with R&D. at this state R&D makes no sense.
  15. in f1 2013 it was better...now they do a really slooooooow out lap and stay in the corners