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  1. Just like in real life. Purple for best overall, green for personal best, yellow for no improvement. Not much but could improve immersion. Also shouldn't take much to change this.
  2. Just a small idea, would make the leaderboad shown during replays a little less dominant. 3-letter-abbreviations like in real life would look much nicer imo. 🙂
  3. I will try to win the Championship with Massa :) (If Williams will be competetive enough in F1 2014... cmon CM!)
  4. Maybe not for you... This is supposed to be F1 2014, Therefore it should represent the 2014 season cars as they are in real life, they have done it for the past 3 years so it should be so this year. However trivial you may feel this is, that is your opinion of which you are entitled, but all I want is for the game to be as accurate as it can be, and if that means doing whatever I need to do in order to try and get this done then that is what I will do!. What would you rather have then...?  F1 2014 with the correct wheels or without? I'm just trying to make the game better, that's all
  5. Will F1 2014 include the new penalty system where a driver gets penalty points for breaking the rules or will there just the general penalties such as drive-through, +10 sec and +20 sec which won't have any affect during the season?
  6. That's what I meant. Good fights are very, very rare. Most the time you are side-by-side with the AI they just back off and let you by as if they were being lapped. Proper racing is impossible if the AI keeps doing that. I know that CM wants the game not only to be played by F1 enthusiats but by those who may have probably seen 1 or 2 races as well. But it's just not fun this way. If you compare it to other racing games (racing sim or not) you will notice how generous the AI is in here.  I'd love to have an aggressiveness-meter like in rFactor but I guess the engine wouldn't allow tha
  7. F1 2014 I only have a 360 I can play on so unfortunately I'm restricted to that.
  8. I hate the fact that the AI backs out of everything when you are near them. They should be a lot more aggressive!
  9. Will the new penalty system be in the game? Do we get penalty points now for breaking the rules and eventually have to sit out a race once the cap hits 12 or will you guys keep the old penalty system?
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