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  1. OK this is getting stupied I just logged in and my 742 kb save and it was corrupted. I RELOADED my usb 742 kb save and were good to go.Both were level 111 so theory busted don't reley on 742 kb it was working at 742kb with over 100 saves and always corrupted over 742kb . SO just contine the double usb save and doing 1 race in career or racenet to trigger the save then log in twice to see if save is good before you overwrite your usb.
  2. If your save file is more than 742 kb it will corrupt the file gets bigger from the car prices. You can overwrite your usb saves when your file size is 742 kb
  3. And if it's a high speed 1st turn with the kiddes flashbacking and you get caught in there respawn you will have red steering and red motor.........
  4. As i stated the top 2 are legit on ps3 you are on pc or xbox with hacks. @isuckatdriving hows the upgrades working for ya they will make you igreatatdriving lol
  5. ok facts that are true in race net challenges engine upgrades will improve your time @ i suck at driving i dont see your 55456 time you smoking something facts to be figured out if disabling tuning in custom lobby with engine upgrades enabled makes u faster
  6. By the way the top 2 guys on tuner are legit replay and steve are fast they use ai draft like every 1 else
  7. @i suck at driving on your 55456 time can you match that with all engine upgrades off thats what were trying to find out if engine upgrades work in race net challenges
  8. Tusmbox you need to put on your glasses wire rim i take it. The yellow rx7 in the 1st photo is the upgraded 1 in playlist and won the black loaner rx7 won in custom lobby because tuning was disabled the tuning upgrades work just like engine upgrades and the loaner is not affected by the turning off of the tuning upgrades
  9. ok i dont like trolls for your information the pictures proof my point in the 1st photo he says zero tuning that means every thing at 0 but its still upgraded to level 3 thats why he won. When he went to custom lobby and no tuning that means no upgrades to tuning when you level up tuning you get better grip better starts thats why he lost in custom lobby the tuning upgrades were disabled and thats why he won in playlist just because you zero out tuning its still upgraded. tusmbox you need to test and listen to the man.
  10. Yes every 1 needs a chance to have orange steering after 1st turn
  11.  This is how codies designed the upgrades to keep the racing close or time trials.In time trials if your good in every turn with upgrades enabled you can gain 1 half of a car length lead or half of a tenth if the track has 8 turns you gain 4 tenths. No video or eye test will see that.Codies did a bang up job to keep the racing close. THATS NOT HARD TO UNDERSTAND is it tusmbox
  12. 2nd place is proof enough if you don't believe it keep running no upgrades and finish top 20 your choice
  13. The tuner challenge last week same as this week I finished 2nd 2 tenths behind replay.Cuz of his darn wheel lol I tested without upgrades with same tuning setup and was slower about 2 to 4 tenths on the short layout also without weight reduction I could not hold same lines with it on. The biggest gain you can make is by tuning the gears and springs weight is next then the rearend the weakest upgrade is the engine as when you install it. It effects the handling and very little power and you
  14. Sorry upgrades do work online user name halmsuperjet3 in top 3 any challenge i do. I Have tested alot on many challenges upgrades give me top 3 no upgrades top 20 until you run top 3 then test without upgrades you will know what im talking about. Im on controler it might be different on wheel you should asked replay i think hes on wheel
  15. wrong easy test in racenet challenge just add weight reduction see how car drives take off weight see how car drives big difference so upgrades do work. The power upgrades not as much effect as weight but will produce faster lap times . You have to test at least 100 laps to know what your talking about. So all upgrades do work online
  16. what probably happened is codemasters sent patch to sony on about july 10 and sony rejected it . So codies reworked it and sent it back july 26 so if it works we should get patch next week. Codies need to man up and take the heat and not blame sony  
  17. they have more xp because of racenet challenges you get xp with no wins on your record like myself got over 1 million in xp doing challenges.
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