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  1. YoMrWhite said:
    madwak said:
    You can make a custom event and drive any car and track that you fancy to get some practice in :smile:
    Okay, but I have to complete all the levels of 60s championship to unlock the others?

    You can change the car class after each championship and you don't need to progress according to the suggested periods. If you can afford it, you can drive any car from any class in the championship, regardless of your level.
    Ok! I got it... And when I choose a different car the game loads the proper championship, depending on the car I chose. Right?

  2. Hey all!
    I'm new here.
    A couple of weeks ago I bought this game: I was looking for a good race game and among those on sale this was the most well reviewed. I played with other games from Codemaster (like an edition of Colin McRae Rally and also Colin McRae: Dirt 2).
    I begun the rally championship with the Mini, but this is my doubt: when can I use cars from other eras? I mean, can I buy a 70s car and begin a new championship, starting from the bottom? Or must I finish the 60s championship before?
    Hope you'll help me! Thanks!