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  1. When will the winners be notified? I've got no news yet
  2. and codemaster sold the defective games still.
  3. You can say it till you're blue in the face on here, but I don't know what you expect to achieve. Your purchase contract is with your retailer, so that's who you'll have to ask. i can not return it.the packaging is open.the game has traces of use. codemaster should take back gameand wire me the money.or codemasters give me in writing the game has bugs then I can bring back. but codemasters to do now. What are they actually. for years, they sell defective games.then they are evil when i get mad then. not pretend never happened this error We are not idiots they have no respect for us ot
  4. I would like to have my money back. How many times must I say this? and take this game from the market until the problem is fixed. or do they want to sell for stupid people It is unbelievable. for 2010, there's this problem.  and you need not sell f1 2015
  5. they were not 2 games there were f1 2010 f12011 dirt showdown grid2 grid autosport f1 2012 + f1 2013 i dont know day 43
  6. the game should so long from the sale back be pulled until the corupt file bug is fixed. Because the game is unplayable as long. It's so sad what pulls codemasters here!. I would like to have my money back. Or give me something in writing that I back there at Amazon. That's the least you can do what.
  7. I would create an equal ever thread for f1 2014
  8. who makes the same error again and again over the years needs should not be surprised if even once is bashers... I say no thank you to the patch. Why? Codemasters had many years time to solve
  9. How can you be so incapable? it haunts me now for years!!! F1 2011 F1 2012 Dirt Showdown Grid2 Grid Autosport Code master if you can nothing but are their world champion! only with you, there are these incidents! to buy themselves race game from Codemasters you can bet that the corrupt save file come back How can you be so stupid and incapable? can you look in the mirror? or in my eyes? codemaster you're the laughing stock among game developers. I want to have my money back! I didn't say anything to years. Now it is enough If you're just a little fair then you do it or tell me how
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