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  1. I get the impression more will be released at a cost and this is how they're gonna get that sweet dlc money into the game.
  2. Unlikely to happen based on past history with franchise games having ingame currencies.
  3. was monday so its not going to be that. My detective agency is in ruins now.
  4. When you exited out were you on the previous build 1.16? Just wondering if the update has broken saved games annoying steam doesn't allow rollbacks though.
  5. Jordan 91 again because i love that car too much
  6. Nope still saying around a day until season 3 starts.
  7. Yeah i pretty do real in and out laps (which also gives you 1/2% less usage on tyres if done properly) and only fast forward when no ones on a flying lap. I always try to be on a run at the end of sessions too to avoid everything being simulated at the very end. Bit annoying but the sim times aren't accurate enough compared to them running the session normally.
  8. heres the bars at the start of a driver career I would have put mclaren and renault closer to RP maybe moved RP down abit and put ferrari close to them but behind all three.
  9. 92 williams or the 1991 Jordan only issue i always have with the tier 2 classic cars is the 98 mclaren is too strong you can have a fun battle with the 94-96 cars but the 98 mclaren is unreachable unless you have the ai way down.
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