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  1. I don't have an answer (and am sort of curious myself), but DirectX 11 works on Windows 7, so that's not going to be a reason to exclude Windows 7.
  2. Tway

    Mechanical failure

    I play 100% races, season after season, career after career, and.. well, I can sort of understand the frustration-response. I think I'd be very frustrated and upset if I lost the championship at the last moment due to mechanical trouble, but.. well, two buts: 1) Said frustration would not be with the game, but with my poor luck. 2) There is a flip-side, where if I become champion because my competition experiences mechanical failures that I do not, it just ends up feeling like a cheap win Frustration is (easily, and unsurprisingly) explained as a bad thing, but the best games are ones that make you feel it all, not just the good things, like how a well-written character in a story can really get under your skin while the bland one just leaves you unaffected. This is about emotion that's supposed to be there, a negative sensation that you experience because you're invested, instead of a championship that feels hollow because the opposition was handicapped. Leave the option turned off by default to protect people that just want their painless race, sure, but perhaps see fit to allow others to enhance their experience and emotional investment?
  3. Tway

    Radio menu active too long

    I wasn't sure at first whether to respond to this topic, but this is exactly my experience too, I don't use it because whenever I try, it's gone before I found what I'm after. Going to also +1 the suggestion for an on/off toggle instead of having it on a timer, so that people that want it gone faster can do that too.
  4. Tway

    Flash backs in 2020

    Back when we were limited to just a handful at most, doing 100% races on keyboard was an absolute nightmare on some tracks, and I was incredibly happy to see that go. I wouldn't be opposed to adding in an extra option, but am getting chills at the thought that a useful assist against hardware deficiency could be made effectively useless again thanks to people with no impulse control. There's plenty of opportunity between activating the option and actually resetting time to stop yourself, to say "no, I shouldn't be using a flashback for this" and cancel out of it.
  5. Tway

    Manager mode

    With Frontier just having obtained an exclusive license for F1 management games, it strikes me as a bit unlikely that the CM games will the comprehensive kind of management that people are hoping for/wanting. I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think we should be getting our hopes up here.