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    Mouse Support + MyTeam + Career suggestions

    I agree yesterday was the first time I actually rage quit a game because I couldn't work the bloody menus. Having no mouse support on a PC game just shows that this is a plain console port without much consideration for the PC platform it is actually sold on IMO. The game itself is great though, but for the love of god codemasters, please implement this basic feature and make your PC users happy.
  2. At the dev. team; can the level of the AI bots please be upgraded to hard for the racenet challenges? You have a 3 lap run to set a time in the racenet challenges and all too often your lap is destroyed because there is a bot slowly going through the apex of  a corner. Also in the races it's just about trying to pass the first lap carnage as best as you can and get through to P1 in the first lap as to set a decent time. I suppose the AI is set to the medium difficulty but this is way to slow and they 1: serve as mobile chicanes during time trials to the frustration of players trying to get a decent lap in, and 2: also in races which make them not really feel like a proper race because with a minimum of driving skill you pass the whole field on lap 1. Please let me (and the dev team) know if you guys find this a good idea (as i guess the majority of you will feel the same here).
  3. I'd like to know if anyone else had this problem. Bought a season pass in the PS store, after that was installed i downloaded both the best of british pack and the coupé pack. When i check with "recently downloaded", the DLC packs are showing, but when i go in the game the cars do not show. I checked in custom cup and in the online dealership and the cars don't appear anywhere. Also when i select the playstation store button on the main menu, it checks and then says "nothing available", whilst i've seen screenshots of others that had their packs displayed there. Any advise of help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. misterdog

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Edit: never mind. Saw that you were already aware of  Betta Lines' video on youtube ;)
  5. misterdog

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    Here's what i have come up with so far: - Fix the non existent FFB - Make wheel animation + 180 degrees - Incar seat adjustment (view) - Ability to adjust degrees of rotation ingame (now we have to exit game and do it in the wheel profiler each time). - An option for pace note frequency (minimal talking for example).
  6. misterdog

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    First of all i'd like to see different threads in a feedback 'section' so there is a bit more structure to it all. This 1 thread alone will become a mess of hundreds of pages with people wishing for cars (wishlist like) aside from features and options. Wouldn't it be better if for example you make a separate wishlist thread for cars and keep this one only for feedback regarding gameplay and features?  Just my 2 cents.  
  7. misterdog

    DiRT Rally - Out Now

    Congratulations codies, dropping a bomb like that and getting us all excited. It is indeed what most rally fans wanted; going back to the Colin Mcrae days and getting rid of that Gymkhana dudebro crap + focusing on realism and classic rally racing with long atmospheric stages. The future addition of rallycross is also a great idea!  This could be the PCARS of rally racing; build on community feedback. Time was right to release it now as we are starved of decent rally games and the early access idea is a clever one too. Homerun IMO!
  8. misterdog

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    The guy that wrote this doesn't know what he is talking about. Physics are nice, racing is nice game is top notch and addictive. I guess he just tried the game with the AI on medium level also, on medium they are slow and annoying (AKA in the way), whilst if you bump it up to hard they are fast and don't hit you all the time neither. That's why i suspect that the AI in the racenet challenges sucks so much, it's either programmed in easy or hard so all they do is annoy the people that know the difference between a gas and brake pedal. Please codies,  turn the AI speed up to hard or get rid of them for time trials.
  9. misterdog

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    @Loore can the leaderboards that are displayed ingame for time trial mode, be altered from showing your PSN friends to racenet friends/ club members? Only a couple of my PSN friends have the game, whilst i'm in a club that contains 65 members and i have 20 or so racenet buddies that all have GAS. So it's pretty useless that your TT times are compared to your PSN friends instead of the latter.
  10. misterdog

    The future of grid

    yes you can tune and upgrade but they DONT WORK, so it is a waste of "leakey memory" Tuning works no? It's just the upgrades that don't seem to make much difference.
  11. misterdog

    The future of grid

    I for one hope so, and that the formula isn't changed again because GAS turned out to be a great racing game.  Codies are on track with this franchise IMO so i hope we will see Grid Autosport 2 on next gen in a year or two.
  12. misterdog

    AI speed in racenet challenges

    That's a workaround although they are still THAT slow that for sure you encounter other mobile chicanes in the remainder of your laps. But we shouldn't have to do that really if they would just scale up the AI's level to hard it would be fine and it would take time to catch a bot that's ahead of you + he wouldn't be parking mid corner all the time...
  13. misterdog

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Damn Rome was built quicker, where's the patch already?
  14. misterdog

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    I'm sure it is priority 1. Fixing these issues takes time and i'm sure they are all working hard to get it fixed. They should however greatly improve their Q & A before releasing a game, i think this is something we can all agree on as there are just too many bugs in the release version.
  15. Hi thanks for the reply, already in contact with them and already re installed everything by now (including the game which is digital), but nothing works and although the DLC is downloaded and installed it's always missing from the game. Quite shitty as i bought a seasonal pass immediatly, should have tried one pack first... Hope i will be refunded the 30 bucks as a seasonal pass for acquiring DLC that does not appear ingame is pretty useless.
  16. Can someone from codies comment on this please?  Thanks in advance.
  17. misterdog

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    they were not 2 games there were f1 2010 f12011 dirt showdown grid2 grid autosport f1 2012 + f1 2013 i dont know day 43 Day 43 and counting... I guess identifying all the problems, having them fixed and getting the patch submitted takes time. I handle system errors for my company also, and from the point an issue is raised to us, investigated so the problem is known and fixed in production so the client doesn't have it anymore, it also takes weeks and in some cases even months for just one technical issue (although that shouldn't happen but the world is not perfect). The game will be perfectly playable afterwards, and i don't want to miss out on that experience. I do agree however that Codemasters should get their pre release testing in check, and don't screw up with another buggy game in the future, as they've had one too many of these so i hear.
  18. Ps i have a digital copy of the game so region restrictions between game/ DLC can't be the cause.
  19. misterdog

    British car pack

    I don't know why as this hasn't been mentioned yet, but the pack does not appear in game with me even if i downloaded and installed it from the PS store. Bought it through the EU store with a season pass by the way. Anyone else had this issue of DLC not appearing in game?
  20. misterdog

    Coupé Style Car Pack available today!

    @L Good news about the Coupe pack, can anyone else confirm the garage slots not downloading if you're a PS3 Season pass owner? If you could let me know if you are part of the Europe or North American store that will help greatly. We just bought the season pass (EU), and downloaded the coupé pack but the cars are not available in custom cup? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Edit: same with the Best of British pack, downloaded and installed it but i cannot find the content anywhere ingame.
  21. misterdog

    New tracks on the way

    Seeing i'm new to the GRID series these additions all sound great, can't wait to race all those tracks.
  22. misterdog

    AI Discussion and Feedback

    Yup only the first corner carnage needs some work, other than that the AI is of the best i've seen in a racing game, on the pace and exploiting your errors just like human players would do. Build on this model codies, you've almost hit the sweet spot. In fact; build on this very same game and formula and i will be looking forward to a similar title on next gen.
  23. misterdog

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    I've done this from the beginning and still, have already 4 corrupt files on PS3. I don't understand as most people say this is the trick and afterwards it worked fine. You sure you did everything as stated above, and can you explain when your save corrupts again afterwards?
  24. misterdog

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    For affected people, read this: "It's possible to by pass this savefile corruption by selling the cars which have an insane value, for example: if your Peugeot 408 SCB costed 150,000$ when you bought it and now somehow it sells for 4,000,000$, imediatly sell it. Another suggestion is: Avoid upgrading and tuning your cars during a lobby, do that ONLY in your garage.If you play racenet challenges, avoid using your own car during an event, it can corrupt your savefile so just use the loan car.I managed to get an old backup before my savefile corruption, I followed this exact steps and now have been playing for over 2 weeks without any issue."
  25. misterdog

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Judging by this LONG standing issue with corrupt saves I'm starting to think their hands were actually physically tied when coding this game...typing with their noses and wearing blindfolds. This is absolutely inexcusable.  To all the codies taking offense to people on these forums trashing on you I say:  you should be offended.  It should make you downright upset that your company allowed a sub-par product to leave the development office.  You need to realise that all of these people who are trashing you are your customers--the single reason you still have jobs.  We have been here supporting your inferior product under the hopes that you might actually change.  Judging by the clear lack of response to concerns, and responses that are finally made being VAGUE PR SPEACH I can see that isn't gonna happen. Hold your horses, the world isn't coming to an end yet. I know it's shitty waiting for this patch and especially shitty if it happens to you and you didn't make a backup on USB. GAS stays a great game though and i am perfectly willing to avoid my online cars for the time being seeing that is what seems to cause these save corrupts. I've also read some useful tips in this thread of what to do if it happens (sell the bugged online cars),and people seemed to be able to play without the issue occuring again.