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    L2 trigger help

    If you're using a wheel you don't need L2 no?
  2. misterdog

    L2 trigger help

    My workaround was to assign accelerate/braking to the R3 joystick (steering with L3). Takes a while to get used to but afterwards it feels better then L2/ R2. 
  3. misterdog

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    Must be the patch no?  Did you overwrite your save file and start from scratch, or you talking about your backup file from the USB?
  4. misterdog

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    @Loore please update us at least.
  5. misterdog

    Patience wearing thin

    Never mind.
  6. misterdog

    L2 trigger help

    Same here and others have mentioned it too, seems like a general bug.
  7. misterdog

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    @ Rochambeau  glad you got that all of your chest... Mister dog from GTP here, we have our own little GRID subsection on the forum also, but i wanted to come to the codies forum  to congratulate you guys on the good design choices, game structure, physics model, sounds, AI and circuit design (beautifully made, the animations make the tracks really feel alive). For me Grid AS is the best overall racing game on current gen consoles, so instead of yelling like a hysterical girlfriend because of the bugs that need ironing out,  i prefer to wait until codies adress the bugs and redeem themselves. Please patch the corrupted save issue asap though if you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot with the masses.