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  1. OMG so unrealistic CM suck :trollface:  I only said that because there's always 1 idiot on these forum's that ask that question or something similar. when something like this happens in real F1. I know I was joking
  2. Agreed but the one nice thing I can say about CM's racing games is that the night races have always looked awesome especially Abu Dhabi in the day/night transition too. Yeah I love doing night races on GRID also. 
  3. I do love how Bahrain looks at night 
  4. 1) Scenario mode 2) Season challenge 3) Can't think of a third one at the moment
  5. 1. 2010 career mode but better 2. All 3 practice sessions 3. Formation lap
  6. I won't be getting it I'm going to wait for F1 2015 instead.
  7. Qualifying 6th in a Lotus ahead of Raikkonen was a big disappointment for a rookie apparently lol
  8. Would be great if those ideas was implemented into the series. NBA's career is one of the best I've ever played and I haven't stopped playing it since I got it.
  9. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Toro Rosso may have conducted some illegal tire tests at Spa and developed puncture proof tires. Don't tell Charlie Whiting! Your secret is safe with me.
  10. I thought we would get a lot more T-cam shots than that short little one.
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