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  1. So I got my Logitec Driving Force GT today and Im having a big problem with F1 2013. When I accelerate from 1st to 3rd gear is fine but from 4th onwards very little acceleration seems to happen. Can anyone help me with this?
  2. So guys this morning I ordered a Driving Force GT, and I thank you all for your help regarding finding a good wheel for a good price :smile: 
  3. SamuelTrautman said: To be honest a wheel designed just for the F1 games wouldnt sell much as seeing as it would be an official product, like all other official merchandise, it'd probably be a rip off. Thrustmaster do have an F1 wheel though, I'd like one of those :blush: 
  4. How much of a difference is there between the Logitec G27 and the Driving Force GT (if there is any)? It's just that I'm trying to save as much money as I can and the G27 looks quite expensive compared to the DF GT
  5. Chilza 381, maybe the Driving Force GT could be a good one for me to get. I was looking at it on the Logitec website and all it says is that it has 900 degree steering. Does it have the 200 or 270 degree angle support for F1 games too?
  6. I've been looking to get a race wheel for F1 2014 (On my PS3) and I was looking to get a good force feedback wheel that is compatible with the game,works well and doesn't cost a lot of money. I was looking at the Thrustmaster T100 and I wanted to get a response to whether this wheel is one worth getting, and if it was compatible with F1 2013 (I say F1 2013 because seeing as F1 2014 is going to be on PS3 aswell I presume it will work on it aswell). Cheers
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