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  1. Totally agree with Dawg, AI used online seem worse at swerving across on straights after the patch.
  2. I agree I've had more fun with this title using a wheel than any other. The question is, does the fun out-weigh the bugs ? For me it does, but Codemasters need to up their game for future titles.
  3. Yeah, froze on me at least 6 times. Even with ghosts turned off, sometimes one still appears then it's trouble. When i put a decent time on the first lap..I just 2nd/3rd geared it around for the last 2 laps staying away from ghosts and A.I. After all the hassle, 5th so far. 
  4. The A.I are aggressive with good pace, which is excellent, but it needs to be controlled aggression with less cheap-shots and more awareness. Another team (or two) besides Ravenwest needs faster pace as a lot of races it's just trying to beat only them, even on the hardest difficulty.I play mostly touring, I'm not sure if this is true for other disciplines. Another idea would be to leave things as they are, but implement an 'extremely hard' difficulty, especially good for custom cup and online for those who want more of a challenge. Being able to choose A.I difficulty in racenet challenges wou
  5. I'm on ps3 and was playing the open-wheel challenge following a friends ghost, it locked up the ps3 (wheel rumbling) on the last corner nearly every time..had to run it alone or it was impossible to complete. 
  6. Oh cool, have you got a beta version of Project Cars or ?..... Yeah as long as Codies keep striving towards the style of the old TOCA games or keep improving GA,  they are heading in the right direction :)
  7. I agree, it's an excellent game when you can play it, like i said, it's one of the best, they just need to sort it out. When Project cars and some other top racing games come out, they will definitely need to improve their quality testing and programming. I really want Codies to get back to their former glory in that respect.
  8. they can get away with producing games with serious bugs, they are eventually going to pay the price. It's not just a few people complaining on here, they should listen to the gamer's complaints online when playing. People are furious with what's going on and that's putting it mildly.  Grid Autosport, a way of an apology for grid 2 but make you pay for extra garage slots, probably the basic part of any racing game. Then the 'Booster Pack', because of the lack of winnings, xp and crazy repair costs. Whoever coded this and came to these decisions are seriously taking the prov
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