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  1. I hope the cars are post-2000 anyway. Would be happy with anything really... likely we'll just get exactly the same ones that have been in the two previous games.
  2. Kylotonn  (V-Rally 4) is slowly taking crown of rally racing from Codemasters. V-Rally 4 is a full-out rally simulator. You're nuts if you think that. This will be a half-baked game with a lot of modes not fleshed out at all. Their KT engine is horrible. There is NO way this a simulator, v-rally is an arcade racer.
  3. Rallycross is soooo boring to me. I'm not a fan of them trying to focus on both rally and rallycross in one game. Separate them and do them properly. I guess no WRC game this year then, zzzzz.
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