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  1. thanks, looks like it helped. strange, there wasn't even any demo derby in these lobbies...
  2. After 1-1.5 month I started to race online again, but there's something wrong. I can't join any custom lobbies which has dlc content. Funny, because I have the SEASON PASS... fml. Verify game cache didn't help. W T F is this?
  3. Okey, it happened again. As soon as I bought the 20th car, all of my cars progress reset to level 1 in the 11-20th garage slots.
  4. It looks like I have to make a backup at least every day. Tomorrow I will try to test this issue again. It happened when I bought my 20th car...
  5. I have had the same issue. Stuck on green after  the patch, then yesterday it finally changed  to white. Now I'm back to green, because half of my garage got bugged, the cars are back to level 1 again, so I had to revert to an older backup save. Fokkin awesome...
  6. Half an hour ago I started the game, bought an Alfa Romeo 4c, then joined to a cat A touring car race. At the start i realized, I didn't have any upgrades. After the race I checked my garage, and now  half of my garage is bugged(?).  Lets say my Prezteca is in the 12th garage slot, starting from there every other car is level 1 again... WTF?! Seriously...
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