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  1. Regarding Spa, I also have to add Eau Rouge/Radillion to the list of unbalanced corners: on the dry it's not an issue as it is easily flat for the player too. However the AI gains a massive advantage on the wet, as they can tap the brake for a thousandth of a second and proceed with no loss of grip of understeer, while the player has to lift massively (this holds true while comparing yourself to your teammate, as I saw questions about it being down to the MyTeam car. Your teammate has the same "on rails" behavior as the other AIs).
  2. Hi everyone, So, i had this suspicion while racing Silverstone in MyTeam, where the AI has insane grip through the second sector (especially Copse). You can check Tom97's video in regards: I got to Spa in my career, and the same happens through Pouhon (I've read about Zandvoort too, but yet to race it). The AI just has so much grip, it can go easily flat without understeer or lateral sliding that the player has to deal instead. I recorded a quick video to compare myself to the AI in that corner: Granted, it's a MyTeam car vs a Red Bull, but a 40 kph di
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