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  1. Bobino12

    Game Crash During Event Race

    Same for me in Monaco. The game crashed suddenly on lap 11th of 20. First time I encounter that in this game. PC Steam.
  2. Bobino12

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    The problem came back. I'm unable to read my emails since yesterday. Error 500:H
  3. Bobino12

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Email working again. Thanks for update. Sadly, I lost the chance to participate in the Events at the Great Britain race because of that. I'm on PC Steam.
  4. Bobino12

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Same error code for Canada...
  5. Bobino12

    F1 2019

    Wow…! Aren't you able to make a full sentence with subject, verb and complement ? Do you know about Basic English grammar ?
  6. I think your comments is a joke. Stop whinning and start racing seriouly. This game is very good and is closer to a real sim than ever... if you're not happy, go play iRacing…!
  7. Bobino12

    Honestly, The Physics Are Terrible

    I'm happy to read that because Codemasters has done a very good game with more difficulty finding the right setups. I think the time when we saw crazy wings setups of 1-11 or 11-1 is over and that's a very good news. There will be more close racing with this game and it is really good. If you have trouble finding a good setup, you're not alone and this is where the fun of racing goes. I really enjoy it…! Be patient and have fun…!
  8. Bobino12

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    iRacing with its graphics from the 18th century is the real gimmick. Only to get the rights to drive rookie Mazda, you must pay a fortune buying many tracks before being able to get out of the rookies caliber...I want your money and I will get it... Codemaster's F1 game is improving each year and get closer to a real sim without emptying your pocket.... A big downside of the game for me is the choice to drive the car sitting on top of it (T-Cam) which is really unrealistic. At least, in iRacing, you have no choice but to drive sitting in your car, with cockpit cam. Codemaster's should have regrets about permitting T-Cam but it's too late to remove that option because the so called quick drivers playing eSport, all drive this way because it's much easier to see blind corners and then be fast overall.
  9. There's still a missing option into private leagues which is the obligation to race on Cockpit mode only, something requested since a long time for league competitiveness. Codemasters just has to add that option and those who prefer leaving it open could do. Racing in eSports should be in Cockpit mode forced instead of open choice. The drivers always choose the T-Cam because it's easier and quicker. Cockpit Cam is more challenging and basically more fun. Why codemasters refuse to add this feature is beyong good sense...!!!
  10. La qualité de ton français me décourage. Vite retourne à l'école...
  11. Bobino12

    Dividing assists from No assists

    You're wrong because assists is well quicker under the rain than no assists.