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  1. You're wrong because the rumble motor works when driving without any assists and that's the way i play. The only assists i use is the T-Cam.
  2. That's right. You need to use Fanalab along with driver 336. It works pretty good.
  3. Can Codemasters comment on that please ?It could be usefull in a way to make the best of the F1 2016 career mode...
  4. Which car have you chosen for the whole season ?
  5. There's also an important element missing from those GP4 years in the Codemasters games : TELEMETRY
  6. Bashing this game seems to be an Olympic sport actually. Stop searching for gitches and anomallies in the game and just play under the rules. During the official 2014 season, many drivers were penalized because they were off the track at the same place than you. So the game was made to represent that behavior. You were simply off the track too often and maybe you got some warnings before the penality.
  7. Very intersting racing...but quite annoying with the music..! Why don't you just let the engine sound instead of that music ? I looked at it with sound on mute... Also, the races are cutted all long. I would have liked to watch the full races...Monaco was quite dull to Watch. That's great driving though...
  8. This game is great and we just have to adapt to it. The game doesn't have to adapt to us... The AI cars are better in Legend difficulty mode in that game. I use to play in Legend but I decided to get down the difficulty level to one step because I can't compete like I was in F1 2012 and 2013 games. If I'm not good enough to play on Legend, I'll play on slower level until I become better and can play again on the top level. That's the fun of that game. Stop blaming Codemasters please because that game is very good.    The setups are very important also and I think
  9. It was the same thing with the F1 2012 and F1 2013 games. Only the front wing could be changed.
  10. I just realized that the races would be at 2 pm in my time (GMT -5). I can't be available at that time so I won't be able to take part. Thanks anyways.
  11. I could be interested to join the league but I'm looking to play without any assists except racing line in corners in Legend mode or very hard difficulty. I'm on PC with a Wheel G27 Logitech and very huge internet speed. I'm from quebec City, Canada.
  12. Appart from the new torque which makes the cars spin pretty easily, F1 2014 is easier to play than the other ones. You no longer have to deal with the gear ratios. In previous games, you had to decide if you wanted a longer 7th gear to deal with the DRS or not during the qualifying session or the race. I will miss this feature because it was part of the fun dealing with gear ratios to make the car faster.   It seems that the new regulations of the FIA are there for a long time. So, we have to look forward and play with the new rules. To answer the question cl
  13. That's a good game. Codemasters have delivered a game adapted to the new rules like the bigger torque of the cars and no gear ratios available. That's pretty fun to play. If you don't like the new rules by the FIA, I don't think you will like this game. The driving is quite different.
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