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  1. Lescadres

    Dropping from 100% to 50% Races

    I just want to remind you that eSport races are 25% only, far from the official number of laps.
  2. Lescadres

    (Suggestion) Extra down shift

    Extra downshift can also have downside effects and make your car spin off track easily, especially on wet tarmac.
  3. Lescadres

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    It would be perfect in one game but what are they waiting for ?
  4. Lescadres

    F1 2020 interview with Lee Mather

    I think Codemasters should release two games, F1 2020 Regular and F1 2020 Professionnal. You're a new driver or want to play career, buy the regular version which could be called arcade as it's the main purpose. You're a driver playing online and eSport, buy the professionnal version which is devoted to realism, that could be called simulation. Cockpit mode only, full telemetry into the game, VR and so on. Actually, they try to satisfy everybody and it's a great challenge because nobody is fully satisfied. I'm playing Codemasters games in leagues since F1 2012 and always bought the games since and still wonder when will come THE GAME I need. I already pre-purchase F1 2020 but I'm asking myself now if it is the last i will buy before turning to iRacing for good. I know if I do that, I won't come back to Codemasters games.
  5. People want realistic tracks but they keep driving in unrealistic way in T-Cam sitting on top of their cars...! I think they don't understand the meaning of 'realistic'...
  6. Lescadres

    remove reset to track

    This topic is not new because we already asked for that feature to be optional. That's not bad to ask again though.
  7. Lescadres

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    @PatrickTucker I'm on PC and no assists.
  8. Lescadres

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    You're wrong because the rumble motor works when driving without any assists and that's the way i play. The only assists i use is the T-Cam.
  9. Lescadres

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Go check on Fanatec website and you'll see.
  10. Lescadres

    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    That's right. You need to use Fanalab along with driver 336. It works pretty good.
  11. Lescadres

    Surprising bug in the F1 2012 game

    Can Codemasters comment on that please ?It could be usefull in a way to make the best of the F1 2016 career mode...
  12. Lescadres

    Surprising bug in the F1 2012 game

    Which car have you chosen for the whole season ?
  13. Lescadres

    No Codies! You STILL haven't fixed it!

    There's also an important element missing from those GP4 years in the Codemasters games : TELEMETRY
  14. Lescadres

    Unbelieveable Sochi BUG

    Bashing this game seems to be an Olympic sport actually. Stop searching for gitches and anomallies in the game and just play under the rules. During the official 2014 season, many drivers were penalized because they were off the track at the same place than you. So the game was made to represent that behavior. You were simply off the track too often and maybe you got some warnings before the penality.
  15. Lescadres

    JayFerGaming F1 2014 Videos

    Very intersting racing...but quite annoying with the music..! Why don't you just let the engine sound instead of that music ? I looked at it with sound on mute... Also, the races are cutted all long. I would have liked to watch the full races...Monaco was quite dull to Watch. That's great driving though...