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  1. Can Codemasters comment on that please ?It could be usefull in a way to make the best of the F1 2016 career mode...
  2. Which car have you chosen for the whole season ?
  3. There's also an important element missing from those GP4 years in the Codemasters games : TELEMETRY
  4. Bashing this game seems to be an Olympic sport actually. Stop searching for gitches and anomallies in the game and just play under the rules. During the official 2014 season, many drivers were penalized because they were off the track at the same place than you. So the game was made to represent that behavior. You were simply off the track too often and maybe you got some warnings before the penality.
  5. Very intersting racing...but quite annoying with the music..! Why don't you just let the engine sound instead of that music ? I looked at it with sound on mute... Also, the races are cutted all long. I would have liked to watch the full races...Monaco was quite dull to Watch. That's great driving though...
  6. This game is great and we just have to adapt to it. The game doesn't have to adapt to us... The AI cars are better in Legend difficulty mode in that game. I use to play in Legend but I decided to get down the difficulty level to one step because I can't compete like I was in F1 2012 and 2013 games. If I'm not good enough to play on Legend, I'll play on slower level until I become better and can play again on the top level. That's the fun of that game. Stop blaming Codemasters please because that game is very good.    The setups are very important also and I think
  7. It was the same thing with the F1 2012 and F1 2013 games. Only the front wing could be changed.
  8. I just realized that the races would be at 2 pm in my time (GMT -5). I can't be available at that time so I won't be able to take part. Thanks anyways.
  9. I could be interested to join the league but I'm looking to play without any assists except racing line in corners in Legend mode or very hard difficulty. I'm on PC with a Wheel G27 Logitech and very huge internet speed. I'm from quebec City, Canada.
  10. Appart from the new torque which makes the cars spin pretty easily, F1 2014 is easier to play than the other ones. You no longer have to deal with the gear ratios. In previous games, you had to decide if you wanted a longer 7th gear to deal with the DRS or not during the qualifying session or the race. I will miss this feature because it was part of the fun dealing with gear ratios to make the car faster.   It seems that the new regulations of the FIA are there for a long time. So, we have to look forward and play with the new rules. To answer the question cl
  11. That's a good game. Codemasters have delivered a game adapted to the new rules like the bigger torque of the cars and no gear ratios available. That's pretty fun to play. If you don't like the new rules by the FIA, I don't think you will like this game. The driving is quite different.
  12. I would like the F1 2015 game to inform the pilots, on screen, when a driver has retired or is in the pit. Grand Prix 4 had this feature and I found that very usefull. So, the information could appear at the top of the screen saying that Felipe Massa has retired or Niko Rosberg has a puncture and must come to the pit. Of course, the engineer could continue telling us when our teammate is in the pit. We only know at the end of the game if a car has retired when looking at the number of cars on the finish board.
  13. I Wonder if I could have the same fun with F1 2014 like I have with F1 2012 and 2013. The reason is that we cannot adjust the gears anymore because of the 2014 regulations by the FIA. Doing precise adjustments to the gears in a way to be the quickest at the end of a strait was one of the biggest challenge and the most fun in the game. It's not possible anymore because the choice of the gear ratio must be made at the beginning of the season and kept for all the races. What a bad rule!!! I'm surely not the only purist who hate this miserable rule ? 
  14. Thank you for your explanations. I don't think I will do a full second season with Marussia. The first season was fun because driving this car was a super challenge and I learned a lot about all the setups possible to make it the fastest I could. So, the challenge was always to be the best of the rest and I managed to do it quite good during the first season. The car was reacting to any minor adjustments like the balance or the springs and the wings. I don't know if the best cars are also sensitive to different setups like the Marussia are ?
  15. You're explanation is fine but it doesn't say why Glock's Marussia was acting like a champion car, not like a second tier. In practice, I've done everything possible trying to do lap times as good as Glock's and he was always 2 second faster than me. I've done the best laps I could with fine setups adjustments with no success. During the qualif, I was still 2 seconds slower as he was cruising at 1:28 like the Red Bulls...!!! The best I could do with the Marussia was 1:29:965 in Qualif. If the 2013 and 2014 seasons have the same programming, then the problem will come in the 2014 also
  16. 2012 : 300 hours 2013 : 50 hours 2014 : haven't bought yet I'm playing with Logitech G27 on PC, without any assists, with cockpit view and on Legend level.
  17. I've played a F1 2012 full career season with Marussia team, without any assists and in the Legend difficulty level. I've beaten my teammate Timo Glock all season long and began a second season with the number one status. The first race of the second season in Melbourne, still on Legend and without assists, my teammate Timo Glock qualified at the 2nd place, 0,5 seconds from the pole and I was in 15th position on the grid, which is normal for Marussia. I played a 100% race and Glock finished in 8th position and I was 17th.  Glock took also a lap
  18. Thanks for your opened mind... I think Melbourne track could be a good choice. I would be interested to know the setups you would put on the car on this track. I really worked very hard to get the best setup possible on the Marussia for the F1 2012 game. Of course, this setup won't be the same as for the 2014 game but it could look quite similar. I plan to buy this F1 2014 game soon.
  19. I really would like to see how you could manage to drive a Marussia. You're a good driver and your driving style makes me believe that driving a Lotus seems pretty easy. Think about it. It could be a good challenge for one of your next drive...
  20. Lotus is not really a backmarker car... Marussia should have been chosen instead and the results would have been pretty different. Nice video though but you should try with really backmarkers... I'm playing my second season in career mode with F1 2012 in Marussia car without aids on Legend and that's a very though match between this car and the others...I must do very fine setups adjustments to be able to compete with the AI cars. So I suppose it should be the same with F1 2014.
  21. I think I know the problem. Your setup was probably fixed for a dry race and the AI cars had their setups fixed for wet race. That's why they were faster than you in wet conditions.
  22. Marussia...of course...! That's the best way to learn the skill of driving an F1 car. I did the complete 2012 season with this car and I learned a lot while adjusting the setup of the car in dry or wet qualif and races. That's a very difficult car to drive and the only minor changes in setup has an effect. Driving the best car on the grid cannot give you the same knowledge in my point of view. By the way, I managed to beat my Marussia Partner Timo glock almost all season long and I've got many offers to upgrade to better teams, which I refused all 2012 season long...
  23. I don't agree. I think Codemasters will implement this option in the game some time because it's not an arcade but a real simulation game if you play it without any aids. It's an arcade if you play with every aids but where's the fun? GP4 was so fun playing it because of telemetry I could check where in a curve I was losing speed and where I should have kept the throttle on. I always played the F1 games on PC.
  24. I'm asking for telemetry since the release of F1 2010 and Codemasters doesn't seem to read the Forum... Telemetry is the best way to improve your driving and it should be implemented in the game. HennoGarvie : Stop singing the same old song about an obscure mod for PC. We need telemetry in the game, not an outside software...
  25. Not so difficult choice for me... For myself, the game I've played the most is Grand Prix 4, followed by Codemasters 2012. GP4 gave me the most fun because I could understand and improve my racing skills because of the telemetry options in the game. Until now, Codemasters has refused to implement the telemetry option in their game and it is a huge miss. In telemetry, you can understand where on the track you can be be quicker and why you're not in other sections. That's really racing and without that, F1 games are lacking something essential to play the game like real...
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