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  1. vtidixon

    AI need fixing in the wet big time!

    Guys this was posted about the 2014 game nearly a year ago lol! Someone must of gone to page 200 to see it :) Agree the AI pace on 2015 is a little slow if anything.
  2. vtidixon

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    I dunno, to me it has the sort of career mode that F1 2014's career mode was criticised for on here... start wherever you like, and effectively set your own goals as there isn't much in the way of reward from the game itself. What is wrong with starting anywhere tho? I love that in a game (options) For those who want to start at the bottom they can and for those who dont want to grind through 5 years just to get to F1 they also have that option. Not being funny I just never understood the ppl who complain about having the option to start in a high team when no1 is forcing you to take that option in the first place :) Pcars still offers progress imo as I started in the enduro on my ps4 (done 3 years on xbox so didnt want to do it again) finished my first season yesterday and was only offered 2 kart and 1 lmp1 contract so its not like you start anywhere then go anywhere (next season) The goals in Pcars are actualy better than any other racing game imo as what do they offer in terms of progress? Pcars has so many different championships I plan on spending the next few years trying to comlete every one of them and winning all the invites that are also on offer.
  3. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Cant be bothered to look through all the pages since last on here as there nothing new to read exept ppl saying they have delayed the game??? If this is true then it just goes to show what a crap company cm really are! Ive enjoyed playing there games in the past but come on what is up with the silence on hear? We get a cm employee say there will be news soon but tbh I think we will all be on the next gen of consoles by the time they give us anything. I really do hope that cm loose the licence and stop making games altogether! May sound harsh as they do make some fun games but there is never any exitment in the build up to releases exept for the promises they never seem to deliver on. Id compare cm with a Kia, does the same as any other car but feels cheap and half arsed! 
  4. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Think thats what got me thinking have they really done that much but thats simply because nothing has been explained to us. Like you say it sounds like pro mode is exactly the same as Gp mode in the other games (least we could achive the same results ourself) If it is just that (a forced mode) and adds nothing to the game why bother in the first place? Seems like a way of saying you have to play our game this way or you aint getting all practice sessions! (evil :)) I want F1 2015 to be a amazing game but all I seem to ever see is no to features ppl have asked about. I just wish cm would actualy release info that tells us why we should be exited about the game instead of saying nothing which feels a bit like a F you to the forum members. Mmpaw said some promising things in another thread so now all we need is someone from cm to show us why we should pre order 2015! 
  5. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    I can see that as no1 has played 15 yet, I was talking more in general about how good the game is. Like I said in another post its more frustration that cm wont release info on a game that is out in 27 days that has got ppl talking about project cars in the first place! If I were cm and had the great game that you said they have then id be on here saying why we should be getting exited about F1 2015 instead of saying nothing at all, day by day ppl are wondering why we have nothing to talk about so surely the blame goes to cm for the way the game has been released? I come here a few times a week to see if anything new has been released but there never is. As soon as cm give the forum some info the posts will be about the 2015 game again, good or bad at least we would have something to talk about.
  6. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Nothing wrong with talking about it on the forum. Just in the appropriate place please, so people who don't particularly want to read about it don't have to plough through it to find the on-topic stuff. Ye fair point but this is the only forum im a active member of as im sure many others are to. I only visit this site in the hope cm release info that gets me exited about the sport I love but I have nothing good to say about the 2015 release so what would you rather me post? Say nice things about Pcars and discuss the features and wow factour the game has with like minded ppl or constantly whine that cm are so shit at marketing games they give us NOTHING to talk about!!! This is the official forum for the F1 2015 game yet what info is there to find on here? Questions are never answered by a dev or mod on here either so pointless asking anything you might like to know about the game. Like I said I can see what your saying but tbh if we werent talking about a what a great game Pcars is we would all be saying how crap cm really are at marketing there product that most will have in 27 days! Just saying
  7. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    I dont get what is wrong with talking P cars on the forum, I for one was exited for F1 but since cm are so shit at making and marketing games my exitment has gone! What have they given us to talk about apart from the lack of features that were even in last years game and that had nothing new added (infact had less than 13) Every year they take features out and decide for us how we should play the game (pro mode) P cars has no limits to what can be changed in the options menu to suit the players style of gaming, maybe cm should learn from them instead of sitting on there hands and never once coming up with a wow factor for there games. I wasnt to fussed about watching F1 last weekend P cars is that good! I agree with the time taken to make the game it shouldnt have some of the silly bugs that it has but tbh the amount of fun I have when I play the game I dont care about little bugs that WILL get fixed soon unlike cm attitude to there games! Didnt even get a response for a patch for the 14 game so why do you guys think things will change? You do know they will have the same plan if they make 16, release 15 then move on to 16 like every year that has passed and you guys will moan about lack of info again! Btw does it matter if P cars doesnt feel 100% true to life (cant say myself because I wouldnt be capable of driving the cars irl the same as I can in any sim) Its a far better sim than any game that has been on console and there isnt a chance 15 will be close to what P cars offers in terms of physics so cant say P cars feels weird when we have all played/enjoyed racing with the other cm F1 games in the past! Ive can honestly say with the time I have played P cars it offers everything a console racing fan will ever need and we know more will follow in the coming months. Hope cm do have some info that will make me want to pre order but atm all my gaming time will be for Batman arkham knight and P cars :) 
  8. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Wtf still no info on a game that comes out in about 30 days! Its pretty obvious cm have nothing to show or they would of done it by now. Ive been playing P cars all weekend and wow that game is amazing, Maybe cm know they cant even come close to that game so hoping ppl will pre order and take a chance on 15 being the storm they promised :) Id guess its just shit but thats my opinion. I honestly thought this weekend we would get info as P cars is out so obviously not namco stopping any info being released either. Ill still pop back to look at the forum now and again but with P cars out I see no need to buy another half arsed game from a company who clearly dont give a fuck about the product they make! 
  9. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Not to be down on the game again but it means nothing if its on the official website as all the others were also on there website a few weeks before launch. Tbh id be suprised if fom gave a dam about the bugs and features in the previous games as why would codies be allowed to make the wheels come off a car when that is a big NO NO with the fia? Know in a game your not going to injure/kill someone but imo the whole licence is money driven and not what the finished product is. Guess we will know if codies do manage to renew next year and this years game is nothing ground breaking like many by now think it is.
  10. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Thats what I find so frustrating with no news coming out, although Lee did say in the "2 things" thread we know everything already about single player??? Pcars is out in 10 days so imo cm have 10 days to change ppl's minds on this years game otherwise we will all be on Pcars and prob wont even care about 2015 (judging by the lack of features in the game anyway) Pcars offers everything us console players have wanted for years so why would we spend £50 to play a game that is a update to 14 and from whats been said the 14 and 15 cars but only 14 performance. What would make me want to play a game that the only thing new is commentry when I have a game that starts in karts and goes all the way to F1, has everything F1 doesnt offer by the sounds of it.
  11. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Cheers, sure yorkie had that also but was at donington so like you said more track related.  
  12. vtidixon

    Two things

    Really? So Im guessing its exactly like 14 exept we have tv style presentetion :( No I stand corrected 14 had career and coop so It actually has less features than 14? I was hoping for news that you have made setups worth spending time making and there would be telemetry and testing r@d parts along with many more thing F1 related such as tyre temps and wear, how we manage fuel and race strategy. Honestly if thats what cm call cooking up a storm then good luck with selling the game! We have been given no info on how the AI behave and how you have improved them, no info on silly gamebreaking bugs as each game had at least 1, no info on the corner cut and collision penelty. Not having dig at you Lee but I just fail to see what info we the customer actually have about the game!
  13. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    The AI is pretty good. It's still not perfect though. It depends on the track but sometimes the AI is a little bit too aggressive and therefore too often off the track. You can get an impression here, it's the final build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEvuKfV2Y6w Cool vid! only watched parts but they do seem abit off track alot which I didnt notice so much in the vids I mentioned. What difficulty is that btw? I saw a post or vid saying the higher the level the more agressive the AI are so that could also have a affect on how the drive maybe? Man Im looking forward to this game tho, as a single player guy it will be so good to be overtaken by AI and be like wtf :)
  14. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Cant say from experience mate as have only seen youtube vids but I remember not all that long ago the AI were upside down on track half the time and the other half they were just bashing each other all over the place. Id say the last month ive seen at least 10 vids that had me in shock at the AI overtaking and defending skills (for AI) as well as knowing where your car is on track :) :) Team vvv have loads of great vids showing off the game across all 3 platforms and no1 noticed a xboxone vid in with a pc (I belive) gameplay so looking good on all ends as far as I can see from the vids. The other vids I saw were from aravva and I belive its yorkie doing the driving, Very fast driver and some times hes stuck behind cars unable to get passed. Not sure if any of those issues are the ones you are refering to but should look for those guys on youtube if looking for good detailed previews/reviews on racing games (vvv anyway)  
  15. vtidixon

    Announcing F1 2015

    Havent seen it confurmed anywhere myself but judging by cm refusal to anwer ppl Id put £50 on it not being in this years game esp with no carrer mode. Atm it looks like 14 will have more features than 15 :)