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  1. Lewis44TheWin

    Mercedes halo 1.12

    Thanks kiddo.
  2. Lewis44TheWin

    Mercedes halo 1.12

    Pretty sure that is color reflecting onto the halo from their helmets, if you watch highlights or the race itself you can see how it reflects. Could be wrong though.
  3. Lewis44TheWin

    Cross play between new gen and old gen consoles

    From the articles I read xbox live and PS Plus won't change, meaning you will still be able to play online with others no matter the console that they are running.
  4. Lewis44TheWin

    This game is a joke. Anything to say code"masters"?

    Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.. Angry baby face emoji
  5. Lewis44TheWin

    Your connection is garbage?

    Definitely a "you" problem.
  6. Lewis44TheWin

    Wrong Safety Car

    Safety cars matter!!!!
  7. Lewis44TheWin


    Lol. It looks like one of those fake bullet hole stickers.
  8. So now pad users are kids? I use a pad. I'm grown.
  9. Lewis44TheWin


    Ford Eco boost F1
  10. Lewis44TheWin


    Ford Eco Boost F1. Honda engine.
  11. Go ahead and laugh at me then, I'm a veteran of three named Combat campaigns, Combat wounded twice, and have come to learn that some things in life are taken for granted, like playing a video game. I have to use assists at times, and I would never dream of laughing at someone because they use a racing line, on a screen, while sitting in their living room.
  12. Never know who's on the other side of the screen. Him using an assist and being decent isn't an issue. Cheating yes, but who cares how someone else enjoys their game.
  13. I use racing lines in corners, lost some vision in my eye and have nerve damage to my hands. Not seeing the issue.
  14. Lewis44TheWin

    Start Of A New Season

    I'ts bugged in season 2, season 4, etc.