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  1. Pretty sure that is color reflecting onto the halo from their helmets, if you watch highlights or the race itself you can see how it reflects. Could be wrong though.
  2. From the articles I read xbox live and PS Plus won't change, meaning you will still be able to play online with others no matter the console that they are running.
  3. Ford Eco Boost F1. Honda engine.
  4. I use one of the following offset tcam with angle set to -1.00 or cockpit, halo column on, no driver tags.
  5. Can confirm that turning formation lap to OFF worked. Xbox one.
  6. Gryffindor F1. Harold Potter II.
  7. No, because things change in my team frequently, cars are supposed to get better, or worse throughout, so car performance to start means little to me.
  8. Each F2 starting scenario says "How you perform will affect how you are viewed in Formula 1."
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