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  1. Lewis44TheWin

    Xbox - Patch 1.15

    When it passes testing.
  2. Lewis44TheWin

    Issue with saftey car

    Career 99 A.I, sim damage no FB 50% race distance season 4. Have had SC in each season more in season 3, 6 total that season, 1 or 2 in each of the other seasons.
  3. Lewis44TheWin

    Broken career mode (R and D)

    Yes I enjoy it.
  4. Lewis44TheWin

    Not all Car models/liveries updated?!

    Teams must sign off on all changes before they can be put into the game, chances are they didn't sign off on all changes.
  5. Lewis44TheWin

    Driver doesn't turn wheel

    When in the pit lane and returning to my box while in free practice or quali the driver won't turn the wheel on screen when turning to the right to have the car returned to the garage. Xb1 50% career mode.