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  1. JuusoNiinivaara

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Do I see correctly, are there an air deflectors on the driver's helmet? In F1 2013 all helmets were just identical "old shaped" helmets on the track, are there any differences between driver's helmets this year? Is there any difference between Alonso's Schuberth and Kimi's Bell, like in real life, for example?  I also saw Arai-styled air deflector on Sutil helmet in this screenshot https://www.facebook.com/formula1game/photos/a.10152242720952060.1073741905.74881132059/10152242721272060/?type=1&theater . What do you guys think? @Hatta When making your own driver, how the helmet selection works this year? Are there any new things coming, like differently shaped/different manufacturers helmets? Looks like I'm the only one here which has been disturbed by helmet designs last year. The cars looked pretty good, but the helmets were just horrible except in short cinematics after the sessions.  
  2. JuusoNiinivaara

    A lot of questions.... Here are the answers

    Is there any possibility that you could get driver's helmets look same on track as in short videos after sessions, with air deflectors on the rear part of the helmet? I've noticed that in F1 2013 all of the helmets looks the same, circular "old style" helmets in replays, on grid line, etc.. Helmets look really cool in those short videos after the sessions, can they look like same helmet in the cars too? Is it possible to add even some kind of air deflectors on the helmets?