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    Help redo my DiRT3 watermark

  2. DAAAANNG that Redbull is so bad-ass
  3. Ledanek

    Help redo my DiRT3 watermark

    any one please http://youtu.be/NGrNbj5G57Y
  4. Ledanek

    Help redo my DiRT3 watermark

    What am I doing wrong here? -- so I gave GIMP w/ dds plug in a try.  took my watermark LEDANEK. png file...export to rename it dirt3_logo2.tga. went to RYDER.PSSG Tool to import the dirt3_logo2 to the b_osdDirt3.pssg. saved replaced the b_osdDirt3.pssg and then restart pc played DiRT3 and the original watermark is still there? what am I doing wrong here?
  5. I still want ACAT to get resurrected .... 4/5/2015...the current ACAT4 available at rallygamer's playground doesn't work...it removes the free DLCs
  6. I'm at work, I'll try to dig up the name of the pssg file. meantime, just in case you don't have this awesome website for working on modding for various DiRT games http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/ It has the pssg editor and other mods thanks in advance
  7. Will do Since you a modder, can I make a personalized request:  I don't monopolize/make money on DiRT3 Youtube, but, I would like to personalize the watermark https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwPPkRvaxkQ6QTVhQmowX0lqYlU/view?usp=sharing Personalized watermark by KGIXXER7 years ago, but when I tried to reinstall again, the PSSG file got corrupted. Please, help me get a working pssg file for the frontend folder, please thanks
  8. IMHO, 789ifyz Particle Mod is long over due mod that most of us have been waiting for. It's the Michael Bay of  Particle Mod that TRULY ups the eye candy of what Codemaster have done right about the this game. Yes DiRT3 IS NOT A SIM, I get that since RBR is still King, but Assetto Corsa is creeping up fast on that Rally Genre. Still, look at this [img] http://i.imgur.com/PiDwCKB.jpg[/img] can you make it any more sexier than that? this is eye candy with deep deep tooth decay and tooth ache of pain...so sweet you will want more. My Wishlist is ACAT also get a resurrection so we all can enjoy this game at its fullest http://youtu.be/naJ4jOl8Tc4 http://youtu.be/46dKVy7kTgU
  9. I'm just here to see some old friends and see what RallyGamer has been up to. Need to get a bigger hard drive before I start downloading his mods again. To Do List: - get the China-Malaysia-Croatia better color mod - Better Engine Sound Mod - Better Physics Mod - Reinstall my Hummer Skin  as I read thru the comments, I'm realizing I reeeeeeally need a bigger hard drive. so much more excellent mods and liveries.   nice job to every one
  10. is this justbiglee at Blackfoot Studio forum member? My butthertz since I can't log into Window Live Sign-On whatever and can't get my DLC anymore...anyhoo.  I'll just replay DiRT3 ALL OVER again, since it's a nice escape from my mundane daily driving. ROCK ON!!!
  11. Ledanek

    "Next" DiRT game wishlist!

    I'll say it again: need/want/wish old (dirt/gravel) dirt Pikes Peak and current Pikes Peak with asphalt.
  12. Ledanek

    DiRT videos

    JEEZ Some of you are die-hard DiRT gamers...good to see familiar names still hanging around here.  Here's an oldie to refresh your memories http://youtu.be/gVrH0spTOCY