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  1. Done, hope it will help. I think he is talking about a date, we know you said "soon" will be fixed, but you know, "soon" is too unespecific, for somebody "soon" could be one month, for another one 1 day, its so ambiguous. I know, people are not happy with anything...but you guys launch a game that was not finished, and you need to understand that some users are angry and they are in their right to be like that and they can´t be blamed about it, but every day that pass, people want to know about progress, or they think are getting cheated. I understand your side, and the point that
  2. Another feature missing, the option to start grid according to race results or inversed race results, as it was in grid 1, now random every round or according to level , doesnt have any sense in a champ of 3 races
  3. When crossing the line on MP, if you cross the line with the gamepad vibrating, the vibration doesnt dissapear until swaping to another round.
  4. More bugs to the list The server doesnt register correctly the positions at the end of the race sometimes. The server doesnt give the correct points at the end of every race sometimes (pretty much every serie of 3 races has a problem, I won 2 races and a 2nd place and got finally 35 points...***?) The server starts with random grid, in the first round, but after that, doesnt start with inverse race result grid, it makes another random grid, and sometimes same people can get 3 rounds starting from the top, which doesnt makes sense at all. Pretty much every round, somebody ge
  5. THIS! I would add the option that GRID2 game bring to create partys with friends and from there start looking for games, etc... Its been said but NO AI! NO! PLEASE! It alterates the results of the multiplayer events! Its the worst thing on this multiplayer. Been said too, but damage in previous GRID games was a factor to take in consideration and people were afraid before making a movement because of the consequences, here there isnt any consequences, damage is totally irrelevant. I would add something else, the sun glare effects are sometimes excessive, dont know if there
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