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  1. 2Pacalypse

    Ideas for improvement [F1 2020]

    every year the same topic. There is so much things to improve or to implement in the game, but you already know F1 2020 will be a copy and paste game like others... so no sense to discuss...
  2. 2Pacalypse

    AI race start and team performance update??

    try these settings: 12500-13000 rpm ERS: 4 or 5 Fuel: rich acceleration pedal at 50% till the lights off then carefully to 100 and shift to 2nd gear quickly. no or medium traction, if you use full you will have no chance!!! and tyre temperature: 89-92 °C for C4/C5 92-97 °C for C1/2/3
  3. 2Pacalypse

    Small changes that could benefit the game

    some small changes: - Helmet Sponsor ( dont care if they are fake like on the car liveries in online mode) - original F1 HUD like in TV - podium celebrations: more unique one to select and not always the same over and over - podium national anthems - select race engineer voice and name: at least some options like an italian, british, french or german accent. im sick of jeff!!!
  4. 2Pacalypse

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    That is so true!!! 100%
  5. 2Pacalypse

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    We as customers dictate how to proceed. Just do not buy and the companies will rethink... But as long as people buy it, every company will offer even more of this stuff. Im not gonna buy 2k20, im tired to grind again. And F1, my last game was 2017 and now 19 again, so i try not to buy every single year.
  6. 2Pacalypse

    Have you ever bought a premium item? (Micro transactions)

    c mon man i play 2k every day, this game has so many VC Glitches from day 1 till now with patch 10!!! never bought VC and I have 5 Player max out and MyTeam is full off Pink Diamonds etc.... 40,5 k VC with one mycareer player per day without playing anything...(endorsement glitch) "thats one small bill for a man, one giant leap for game developers" to quote Neil Armstrong :D :D :D
  7. 2Pacalypse

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    Everyone should play the way they want. There are no restricition bro.
  8. 2Pacalypse

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    of course they cant upgrade beyond the max, but you should read carefully. i said at one point they have the better engine. for example if you start your career in a customer team like Haas and you spent all your points in the engine developement, you will be always ahead of Ferrari, until they start their engine developement. And that is the problem. I would say if you suggest to develope your engine, there should be a pop up information like "be aware your oppenents with same engine, gets also an update"
  9. 2Pacalypse

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    the problem I see is, that engine customer teams like Racing Point (Mercedes) or Haas (Ferrari) to name a few, are able to upgrade their engines. That makes no sense, that at one point customer teams have a better engine then the works team. The R&D Tree should be only Aero, Chassis and Reliability. Engine should be updated only by codemaster patch (like 1.05 performance update)
  10. 2Pacalypse

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    Exactly! I was using flashbacks, ABS, Traction and Corner Line at 98%.... Now im driving without any assits or flashbacks and 76% and have more fun then ever...
  11. 2Pacalypse

    Please Fix the Qualifying Tire Wear

    Hey! Patch 1.06 is now out on PC, coming later today on PS4, and will be out soon on Xbox One. Keep it here for more updates, but in the meantime, you can check out the patch notes below: Tyre wear will no longer scale in qualifying sessions when race distance is set to 25% or 50% Car setups will no longer change in multiplayer when going between sessions Fixed a crash seen by users who had been eliminated in Q1 and then closed the game during the press interview Fixed a number of instances where some Trophies/Achievements may not unlock in certain circumstances Various other stability and bug fixes
  12. 2Pacalypse

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    yes you re right, but there is still a option/pause button to avoid this. me personally i used a lot of these flashbacks, but now i turned them off and now it is more satisfying for me to end a race without making errors or to fight back my mistakes.
  13. me personally, i dont give a f.... about trophies. Im playing and enyoing the game instead.
  14. 2Pacalypse

    Bring back limited flashbacks?

    turn them completely off, and you will have more fun.
  15. 2Pacalypse

    Who is gonna start a new career after performance update?

    One question guys: If I skip the F2 and start directly in F1 at Williams as 2nd driver, my teammate is always Kubica! I don't get it...why???