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  1. 2Pacalypse

    Tracks, tracks and more tracks

    Thumbs up!!!
  2. 2Pacalypse

    No-Assists Learning Process

    DRIVING AIDS: brakes, ABS, TC, Racing Line, Gearbox, Pit Assist, ERS so my in my opinio is the best way to learn to driving without assists is: 1. you should turn off the brake assistant, makes no sense to play with it. 2. Start with Automatic Gearbox, ABS on, TC to medium, ERS to Auto first... 3. If you feel comfortable then try to learn ERS Mode to manage manuel. 4. Next step would be Gearbox, if you mange this... 5. you could turn off ABS as last one. Racing Line and Pit Assist is not necessary to talk about.
  3. 2Pacalypse

    Tracks, tracks and more tracks

    driving in real life and in a video game are 2 different shoes man!
  4. 2Pacalypse

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    if so where is the competitor game for f1 2010 till 2019 from Hutch or Frontier developmenents? its like NHL Madden and NBA2k without competition the game become worse every year, because game developers just copy and paste their games and leave the good things out. Btw frontier gets the licence for the future...and this will be not a racing game, a manager game instead. Proof me that I'm wrong.
  5. 2Pacalypse

    Codemasters, enough is enough...

    What is really disappointing is that Liberty Media don't care about their product. You sold licenses for a buzzer and that's it. What about F1 image and the young drivers like MAx or Lando, who are Marketing Machines? Licenses should not be exclusive, this kills the competition. CM always focuses on the wrong things like graphics or "linear storyline" in career. focus on essentials: gameplay, handling, penalty system, online lobbies, AI, damage system, mechanical failures...to name a few
  6. 2Pacalypse

    Adjustable shift up lights

    Game Developer: "How many Customization do you want?" Customer: "YES" CM: "what is customization?"
  7. 2Pacalypse

    Turn off rules and flags

    nope! You can change settings between the race weekend but not during that.
  8. 2Pacalypse

    Safety Rating Problems

    the best advise i can give you is: press START/OPTION and let the AI drive for you some races. Your Safety rating will be better and you will join the better lobbies with better driver and the same rating like you. But to start with a B (default) and ending up with D rating....c mon man its your own fault and not only the others!!!
  9. 2Pacalypse

    ERS in future games

    who? The Game (based on your driving aids?) the team (which car you driving for Mercedes or Haas?) or you (like setup for each track) The idea is great, but if you map ERS like a variable in the car setup, people will copy these best mappings and the ERS will be useless parameter.
  10. 2Pacalypse


    I thought the game is PEGI 3
  11. what does it mean "comfortably" for you? 10 % tyre wear or what?! you can easily go till 50-60% wear without loosing much time on track, (like i said before: manage your tyres) If you already pitted for the hard tyres, that means you already finished 35-40% of the race length, so the next longer stint would be with your hard tyres. But guess what genius the second stint is maybe longer but your car is lighter! so your tyre wear is smaller....thats why you can switch your tyres with the front wing damage. But to be fair: more options in game is more freedom and variety in races! Ill give you that!
  12. technically if you would do that, then I would suggest to turn of the damage.
  13. if you go to the pits in the 1st or 2nd lap with front wing damage and not changing your tyres like all of you suggested, guess what?! you will still have a pit stop during that race to have 2 different compounds (F1 rule!!!) and thats not an additional stop!!! This topic is non sense....
  14. 2Pacalypse


    no way is automatic gearbox faster then manual....no way!!! especially in the braking zone and in the acceleration
  15. 2Pacalypse

    confusing penalty

    league racing is really broken man. But at least the admin can change the result.