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  1. Do you still need help? if so, i will add you today after work.
  2. This is my list: Grand Prix 2 (played almost my entire childhood from 1996 to 2002) Grand Prix 4 (best AI, best weather mechanics, best mods) F1 2013 (best CM game in my opinion) F1 2021 (credit: only for 2 player career)
  3. this dude Deledda is a joke, and i don`t get it why is someone, who is 27 years old with zero success in other series, has a f2 seat. is he rich? is he a son of somebody important? unbelievable!
  4. please noooooooo!!! CM and EA should focus on complete other important things, than this linear cinematic stuff, nobody was asking for....
  5. that`s 100% true, because 2nd driver gets a boost by simulator and all that stuff. That`s why Bottas and Perez are faster and better in the career mode.
  6. a footage would be helpful where and why you have these differences. Sometimes it simple, a wrong controller / pedal setting which not indicates 100% throttle.
  7. ok, at least you tried 😄 my wish would be an in game editor to change the line up by yourself (to avoid stupid moves)
  8. there should be a workaround for that: turn off the driver transfers when you start your career. then turn it on, before the last race... and you will get the transfers in the off season. then you can turn it off again during the season. in the 10 race season there are no mid season transfers anyway, im not sure about the 16 race season.
  9. These are my beauties, thanks to this channel https://m.youtube.com/user/BaSgamepro
  10. These are my Multiplayer cars. In MyTeam i use several historical Teams like Lotus or Benetton
  11. 2Pacalypse

    F2 2021

    F1® 2021 Game Updates - Electronic Arts (ea.com)
  12. I don`t know man, is it only me or anybody else, but I never use the hard compounds in this game especially not in the race. For FP1 ok but never in the race. (no grip, no advantage) If i run 50% races soft and medium always work if i run 100% races 2x soft & medium or 2 medium and 1 soft, depends on tracks and tyre wear... if necessary, I would even rather make one more stop than put the white ones on.
  13. My bad, thats correct! I just realized that i can play 2Player career on PS5 with PS5 Version of the game with my friend who is playing on PS4. I have always have to wait for him 🤣🤣 But i dont get it, why the voice control is not working on PS5? Are there any news about that?
  14. my favorite is MP4-26 F1 2021 - McLaren MP4-26, Racing Point, Haas, Williams-BMW, Lamborghini - Livery Ideas #13 - YouTube
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