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  1. Sorry Bro, we cannot see it either. I'm not sure about that slider in the 2 player career anyway if its working or not, i know it has an impact in MyTeam. There is more transparency too see it.
  2. Press = Auto R&D = Auto (we let Günther decide for us rookies 😄 ), but maybe we will set to On (manual decisions). all our settings are reduced, only cash rate we set increased to get maybe faster the facilities, but I doubt it, because we are not scoring points, no points --> no money i guess. AIs settings are all increased, only cash rate is normal. Personal Preferences: Race length = 50% AI Level between 80 and 90 depends on track Assists restriction are activated: all assists are off only medium TC is allowed, sometimes we use it in the rain, but
  3. Bro what are talking about, Im talking about the games indicator if its wet or dry and you are talking about real life. guess what genius, real life they enabled DRS if Masi (RIP Charlie) thinks its safe enough to enable.
  4. and the same from 2019, 2018 and so on and on... Yesterday I had the qualifying bug again, where AIs laptime is 30-40 seconds. I mean cmon.... So basically I started from 15th with +50 sec to the pole time 😄
  5. Thats why I said! If DRS is enabled then its time for dry tyres. If its disabled its time for wet tyres.... correct reading is a gift these days 😄
  6. in CMs F1 Game it is and always was either wet or dry, there was never a drying racing line or similar. Or vice versa there was never wet different part of track( f.e sector 1 still dry and sector 2 wet) , always 100% dry or 1 lap later 100% wet... Only the grip level is a little bit effected from lap top lap but visually never was... indicator is always DRS is it enabled = dry, is it disabled = wet
  7. at this point it is not possible! League Racer Trophy has a bug... The only 2 I am missing are League Racer and Tracked Addition (50 hours track time), but this last one will pop up automatically if i play enough...
  8. Sebastian Vettel's Onboard Pole Lap | 2019 Japanese Grand Prix | Pirelli - YouTube look at the Pole qualifying lap from 2019, and compare this with your driving. maybe you will find your mistakes. imo Suzuka makes a lot of fun to drive
  9. overheating no, but cold tyres under very very slow SC and slippery conditions (light rain but still on dry tyres, especially with hard ones...) Maybe i had a bug or something, but i tried to accelerate and brake at the same time to get some temperature but no chance they were and stayed at 68°C after restart I had no chance...
  10. that's what i call a "dynamic" career. It makes more fun, if things do not work as they should or predicted. The goal is not to be at Mercedes level within one season. Your journey should be your goal or target, of course it can be frustrated but that makes more fun. Me and a friend playing 2player career with HAAS and after 8 races we still have 0 points. We are updating the car, but we are still last in performance, it`s still fun though. If you want to drive in perfect conditions, there is time trial mode.
  11. the only official thing is the team and driver names 😄 to the topic about dirty air in the game, i would say it depends on race length. if you race a 100% the effect of dirty air should be nearly "the same" as in real. if you race a 5 lap race (quick lobby race) the effect is ok how it is now in the game. Generally I would wish we would have Sliders for these thing (dirty air, slipstream) also for AI sliders separated in: pace, aggressiveness, strategy, wet weather pace, race starts...
  12. AI aggressiveness killing always my races. I have no problem with their speed and that they are hunting and fighting with us. But pushing you of the track on the straights, dive bomb like a maniac in unranked lobbies turn one, changing lines under braking, these things are stupid and annoying. When AI vs AI battling they are always fair and let each other enough space, then against you... Nope, AI: this is my line you are not supposed to be on my line, so I will drive through you, no matter what. AI is dumb (blue flags, out lap in lap in practice or qualifying) and unf
  13. the one and only reason to buy the game was for me and a friend: the 2 player career. all other things are basically copy and paste with the same bugs and even some more. also the menu music is pleasant.
  14. all settings and options are bugged in game and change everytime. So if you set interviews to on, its not guarantee that is on maybe 😄 2player career we have to create a unranked lobby first to get the realistic performance of the car and then switch back to the career. The damage sets to simulation in the next race we have no damage at all it is off. We have restrictions for assists, but guess what? You re still able to turn them on. I can go on and on.
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