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  1. Are you sure? You are very optimistic.... 😄
  2. @OPgiSh0tzdon`t even try to report this, because like @hiimdmsaid 👆
  3. That's what I call rule changes... Season 4 myteam
  4. You are not allowed to have a perfect race weekend (1st & 2nd + fl) with 44 Points. 😄
  5. At the beginning I thought they would give us pit coins for events, but nope only XP. So basically all XP (from different modes) I earn now are useless, Im sitting on prestige level 5 (maxed XP) which is only a badge without any prizes.
  6. it`s still there: engine, sponsor, livery, teammate. maybe you fast forwarded too quick.
  7. Bro, F1 Teams changing their liveries from race to race (with minor changes) and some special liveries for special races. here is an example of B195: Evolution of Benetton B195 Livery: Schumacher F1 1995 Winning Car - YouTube This Game has much more things to look at, before address such of (useless) things...
  8. Bro, what does it mean? is front camber f.e. min - 3,5 closer to zero then max -2,5? And what is zero here? -3? default? this is a little bit confusing with the meaning of min and max
  9. This 100% true, me and a friend playing 2 player career and we have nearly the same delta and nearly the same driving style. We have the same problems at same circuits, and we tried to test the opposite sliders. No impact at all.... We were able to recognize our problems and knew exactly what we were lacking in terms of performance, but we could not say which setting parameter we could change to the right direction.
  10. 2Pacalypse


    it is not only Bahrain. The AI Level is pretty unbalanced like every year. (they are pretty bad at hard braking zones, but overpowered in fast corners) From my experience: In Bahrain, Canada, France, or Russia the AI is super slow in race pace. On the other hand in Austria, Netherlands, USA etc they are much faster.
  11. I guess the description is wrong here! You have to do it one mode. If you started your count in F2 (driver career, you have to finish it in F2) I started my count in MyTeam and im at 25 or something, but when I play in driver career no count is adding, only in MyTeam.
  12. Na this would not change anything, it would only slow down the process, but the process would be still the same... (linear career) And thats not fun at all... Dynamic career is the key word.
  13. Change your driving style to Expert and you have all settings
  14. So what is this video supposed to show us? A mod (slick tyres in full wets conditions) that has an effect on the game, that does not take place in the "real game". Absolutely useless.
  15. F1® 2021 - Patch 1.06 Notes (ea.com)
  16. haha this game is broken as ****, but they still patch chapters in Braking Point! 🙈
  17. its not about their speed or race pace, it s about surface mechanics and parameters. At least on console version: AI has no understeer problem, no traction loss, nothing. If you are in spectator modus and go to the cockpit view of ai you will see what i mean. They go flat through corners with full speed, absolute a joke. In slow corners in the 2nd gear with full throttle...no rear shake nothing. its like driving on rails, if i would drive like this i would not stop to spin even with TC on full... Ai in wet conditions, absolutely trash programming.
  18. This option destroys the whole idea of rule change. Every Season the car gets better and faster and the rule change doesn't do anything, except steal the resource point. The whole career and R&D becomes linear. A rule change should have more impact on the performance, and also should prevent us from developing linear in one direction (better & faster). F.e. a rule change for aerodynamics maybe 1 year its is only for minor small things, but in another random year, the complete aero is changing, so every part you build before will disappear and you have to develop it agai
  19. spell the name with big double i instead of l WiIIiams and you will be fine. Its all about rights (because there is a Williams Team already)
  20. usually Bahrain, Canada, France, Russia are super easy in F1 2021. We are racing with no assists 80% AI but for these tracks we go 10+% and are still faster then AI. Canada and Russia are super slow by the AI. We won both (P1 & 2) with an HAAS (2nd last in Performance)
  21. look at your acceleration: its not 100% throttle check your settings: saturation linearity i dont know exactly which one.
  22. Yap! Great Idea! I would even go further... for every crash, DNF, or damaged parts you should pay. every development of new parts should also costs money not only rep points. Events: Your facility needs to be renovated etc. Rule changes: should sometimes (random) hit you really hard that you suddenly in the back again. (now we know at the end of a season, we should have some rep points for rule changes...but a random event like : you need 30 Mio to change your car not only 5k rep...would be amazing).
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