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    Race highlights

    I love the new race highlights feature and I watch these almost after every race. But am I the only one who is experiencing some really weird camera angels? Sometimes it cuts to a camera where the cars have already past and just films an empty track. Codies needs to patch this because it is a really nice touch to career mode.
  2. Androkles

    F1 2019 racing line

    I know this might just be because im a bad driver, but I use the racing line and I know I should turn if off. But either way I'm experiencing some problems with them when it comes to braking. For most part at the end of long straughts when I brake when the racing line tells me to, it seems like it's to latte and the car goes wide. This has never been an issue for me for the last years. Any advices? Can you somehow apply more braking?
  3. Androkles

    Qualifying in F1 2019

    I just did a Q3 run in my career and in the final run there was only 3 cars but myself out on track doing a rung. *** is that? That is so unrealistic and needs to be patched. Everyone should be out trying to improve thier times at the final minutes of quali
  4. Androkles

    Qualifying in F1 2019

    Don't have any video unfortunately, but the rest of the drivers just stayed in the garage