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  1. That would mean my driving skills have improved massively over the last 2 months...maybe because I take part in a Group B RWD club 😎
  2. Am I the only one who has a heavy stuttering and a framerate falling to 15 (yes, 15) for 2 seconds after crossing that little bridge (is it a bridge?) - no matter what side I come from? Think it's in South Morningside... Can someone from Codies tell us the setups you made for the Sierra Cosworth used in Colins career mode? It drives sooooo great!
  3. Is there a way to publish the setups you guys made for the Sierra Cosworth within the Colin McRae career events? Can't imagine these are the stock setups, the Sierra feels soooooo good!! At New Tealand it was a dream to drive! EDIT: I mean the setups, not the results. @PJTierney
  4. Has there already been an official statement about in which class the new cars will be put in? As the Colin pack is free, will the liveries be open to edit? Or will it count as an DLC as the pack is free for those, who purchased any DLC, and the liveries won't be free to edit? Free liveries would mean Group A, locked liveries would mean 2000's clas...
  5. Ok, you still didn't get it @kombajnkoszoncy 😂
  6. Do you really think they will create/use an other engine than current EGO ??
  7. The other topic (Something is coming) is now closed for further replies... Should it be real that we get facts like which location/car(s) will be released and when...??!!
  8. So some guys think it will be the last addition to that great game... so games get support for one year and then it's on to the next nowadays...would be sad! Why not continue to add new locations & cars and earning money that way...
  9. Will it be free new content or a complete new season as dlc or just an add-on dlc ...? And when will it be available...? Really excited now...
  10. Dirtrally2.com not working atm, getting a redirection to Codies website... New website for DR2 with better working RaceNet confirmed!
  11. Great graphic!!! Guess in DR2.0 the USA have to be green and the UK yellow, as the yellow ones are the DLC ?! Respect for the work you put in that mate!
  12. You're the perfect successor for Christina @PJTierney Learned all the phrases like "soon" "yet" etc by heart and using whenever needed...!
  13. Return of the DR 2010 WRC cars in DR2.0...CONFIRMED!
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