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  1. With todays update plain white and black liveries come for most cars. Interesting to know if this gives us more slots to replace them by selfmade liveries.... Can't check until tomorrow evening so I'm very excited who will check first @RFSTTS You have to use plugins (which can be found on rallygamers website) to save those files correctly. I don't think converting from .png to .dds works fine. I recommend Photoshop for this actions...
  2. Thanks Codies for your work! Waht I've already found out in version 1.3 is the fact that the mechanics wear short-armed shirts in Sweden, but I forgot to mention here earlier. But this is no bug really, just a sidenote. Also the road textures in Monaco Service Parks were often just plain black after repairing the car. I play on PC.
  3. LutzM

    Please Unlock DLC cars for modding

  4. Right you are mate, would be great to get the nefs for the DLC cars...
  5. LutzM

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 08/04/19

    I'm glad there definitely won't be any rain at Sweden...
  6. Hi guys, just in time for the release of the Monte Carlo DLC I've uploaded 2 liveries for cars, that competed on this famous rally. First comes the Opel Ascona 400 in which Walter Röhrl won the Monte in 1982 Download the Ascona here Second one is the Audi Quattro S1 E2 that Walter Röhrl drove on the 1986 Rally Monte Carlo Download the Audi Quattro here For installation simply extract the file in your 'cars' directory...
  7. LutzM

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It's a bit sad that there is no mention about the handling with liveries on PC - as @ChristinaMc promised, it would be like it was in D4, some days before DR2 was released... To be not only negative, the rest is very fine! Thanks Codies for your work/support!
  8. LutzM

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    Thanks for your work Codies!!!! Waht's the size of the patch actually? Seems I won't be able to play tonight if it's such a big one...
  9. LutzM

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So I guess we should get patch news here soon, with some details...
  10. LutzM

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Pray for the DiRT4-livery-update-version to come with this patch guys 🤠
  11. LutzM

    What's Wrong With DR 2.0? - CARS

    Nice idea for such a thread! Hope it does what it should do - keepin' in contact with the devs. Would be fantastic if some would put their statement here, to make DR3 even greater 🙂
  12. LutzM

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Is it just for time trial that you can choose between dry or wet surface?? Haven't tried to create an own championship yet, but maybe there are more options??
  13. LutzM

    Season 1 content missing

    So we get them directly in our garage if we are Deluxe owners on PC? or do we have to buy them ingame?
  14. LutzM

    why can't Codemasters do like In DR 1

    Could people just stop answering on threads from @watzcoc so these threads go straight to the end of the pages...
  15. LutzM

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I doubt that as people who don't buy a DLC wouldn't have that in career. Guess the new countries can be used in custom championships, time trial mode and leagues (which is the most important)