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  1. Thanks for answering me codemaster employees! You deserve the praise, Top Job! The 3D is jaw dropping. Imagine if the developers are incorporating oculus rift support. Now that would be amazing! Turning your head to see who's overtaking you with the in car view. Consoles use fake 3D don't they? Isn't that why they don't take any frame rate hit? (Z buffer depth or something like that) Nvidia 3D vision renders each eye individually so is more aesthetically pleasing. A decent 3D setup with a good 3d game (like this one) is hard to beat.  The helix mod is also an amazing place for 3D fixes
  2. I just wanted to post to thank codemasters for incorporating 3D in to Grid Autosport and for continuing working and improving nvidia 3d vision.  I have just got my 3D projector back and Grid Autosport looks amazing in 3D. The convergence turned up with the steering wheel view looks unbelievable. Whilst I'm at it, thanks for making it 7.1 too. A lot of the games these days don't take sound seriously enough. Anyway just wanted to say thanks and good job, you always get people moaning on forums and never hear the positive praise. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for Dirt 4 now!
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