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  1. Victor26

    My honest thoughts about F1 2020!!!

    Hello everybody! First thing first, I want to specify from the beginning that I have played every single F1 game that Codemasters has made and also that I have played the current game for 127 hours, which means over 5 entire days. Now...in the last couple of days I really wanted to play F1 2020 online, but is simply UNPLAYABLE!!! It is simply ridiculous how every single time something has to go wrong in a way or in another. Sometimes there is someone in the lobby who wants to kill you, or you have to wait a lot for everybody to connect properly while you are watching the endless loading screen, or the ghost system simply doesn't work and you can't know when you can go through a car and when you will hit someone who was a ghost but became a proper car, or you can't overtake because the other players have lag and you can't know where they are going and you end up hitting them, or you remain stuck in the pits for 10 or 20 seconds because why not.... The damage model is too fake.A lot of times you hit something with the front-left of the car and something from the other side of the car detaches. I heard about the licensing problems. But they can't be the reason for the unbreakable rear wing, floor, barge-boards and so on. It would be nice to see that your suspension is a bit damaged after you touched a wall in Monaco. Not to mention the safety car and the way it gets deployed. It is inconsistently and that is when it finally gets deployed, because most of the times there is a yellow flag for anything and then, suddenly, the SC is deployed for a car that stopped on the track. I mean, I can understand that nothing is perfect. I do love the game, the graphics are outstanding and the sounds are really good. But, at the end of the day, it is simply unacceptable to buy a game that has so many problems. And what is truly sad is the fact that these issues have been in the game since the move to the Next Gen Consoles, back in 2015. When you really think a bit, it is outrageous to pay 50-60 euros every year for something that barely improves. The price isn't too big, the game is the real problem. From my point of view a lot of things that are in the game are awesome but they are not fully implemented or they are not used at the maximum potential. For example, the My Team Carrier Mode is done just to be done. It is really nice to be able to make your own team, and choose your favourite colors. But you can't really choose your livery or the colors. You need to fall in love with one of the liveries that are in the game, and you will not be able to modify the color of the number, which is black on the most of the cars and doesn't fit at all with the rest of the car. You can't really go into administration as your balance will never drop below 0. In the normal Carrier Mode, you can lose your drive if you under-perform, which is great, but it is in fact a loop, as you will always receive new offers from other teams. The historic cars are nice, but they are useless. They are in the game just to be there. You can have a couple of events during your carrier, but it is unrealistic to have a little race in Suzuka, when you are a Renault Team driver and you just finished the race in Monaco, with the next round being in Baku. Also the V8s are super slow on a straight line, they were slower back then, but not that slow. You can't go over 300 km/h at Spa. I would also like to have a full season of cars, even pay extra for them, and play something like a Carrier Mode from 1999, for example. And I am not writing this just to write it. I know that it might even end up unread or a small amount of people will see it. But, What I want to say is that I will stop buying F1 games until these issues get fixed and also the racing and driving aspects of the game become more realistic. I want to be able to put the car on the grid by myself after the formation lap, I want to actually drive through the pit lane, I want to see realistic damage, red flags, more tracks. The game is great, but when I play it I have a feeling that it is such an old game. And that's because it is so repetitive, and sometimes annoying and unrealistic.